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This is where you'll find information on my various characters. They seem to be listed in the order that I made them, which I assure you, was completely accidental.

Sgt. Expendable

Sgt. Expendable
Character Details: Urban Dead Profile
Entered the City: 2006-09-20
Group: Josephine's Generals
Character Class: Military -- Scout
Current Level: 41
Preferred Primary Weapon: Shotgun
Preferred Secondary Weapon: Axe
Vital Signs: Active
Initial Deployment Location: Ridleybank
Current General Location: Wykewood
Kills: 62
Deaths: 18
Near Death Experiances: 7

With the haunted, strained look of a young soldier who has seen too much death, he moves as one who has retreated to the instincts given by training, avenging fallen comrades, helping shocked survivors, and rescuing kittens from trees. Deployed seperately from his unit, the Sargeant's task was to scout the suburb of Ridleybank for possible locations to use as a Command HQ, then locate and report to his unit. Two hours in area was enough to convince the Sargeant he wasn't going to be locating his unit anytime soon, as he was soon fleeing the area at high speed, having dropped everything except a flare gun and his flak jacket. Among the things left behind was the radio frequency to contact his superiors.


Character Details: Urban Dead Profile
Entered the City: 2006-10-03
Group: None
Character Class: Zombie
Current Level: 42
Preferred Primary Weapon: Claws
Preferred Secondary Weapon: Bite
Vital Signs: Undead
First Rose In: Penny Heights
Current General Location: Fort Creedy
Kills: 79
Deaths: 99
Favorite Activity: Killing Harmanz

Bloody. Hungry. Torn clothes. You think you see a big yellow smiley face saying Don't Worry! Be happy! on his shirt.

Cpt. Disposable

Cpt. Disposable
Character Details: Urban Dead Profile
Finally Stopped Hiding: 2006-12-08
Group: The Lumberjacks
Character Class: Fireman
Current Level: 29
Preferred Primary Weapon: Axe
Preferred Secondary Weapon: Axe
Vital Signs: Active
From: Penny Heights
Current General Location: Penny Heights
Kills: 17
Deaths: 3
Near Death Experiances: 2

There will eventually be a story here.



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