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Member of: Cybele's Sisters
Abbrev: CS or the Sisters
Leader: Brianna Diggers
Members: A few...
Goals: To advance the presence of women in Urban Dead

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Zeffy has revived 3 people.

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Zeffy is currently located in Peppardville.

About Her Past Journal Talk to Zeffy! People Find Zeffy!

Just Who Is Zeffy, Anyway?
Zeffy, which is, by the way, short for Zephanelia, is the user SgtBop's alter ego. She was created to join up with Cybele's Sisters, and is a role=playing character. This time I'm serious, none of that Maris Viridis nonsense this time. I've learned my lesson.
Her Name is Short for Something? That's sorta odd...
Zeffy was created originally for a unique role-playing "series" a while ago back, which is now being converted into a webcomic. Also, on a side note, she will also be joining the Final Fantasy XI universe, just as soon as I get my Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter. What kind of company doesn't include those sort of things!?! Oh, right, Microsoft...
Why Does She Have A Journal?
Because she found one? Well, actually, the journal thing was sorta added on by me because I was thinking about actually keeping one, you know, for the role-playing experience. Then it sorta morphed into a huge "testing my wiki skills" kind of thing. I think it turned out quite nicely. I just plug a little template in there, type up what Zeffy did that day, her thoughts on all of it, and there you go, its nifty looking!
Well, if You're Role-playing, Shouldn't this be about Zeffy's history?
That, now that, is a good point. However, only being around a short while and all, she doesn't have much history here on Urban Dead. And besides, most players don't even care about role-players, amirite?
Wait a minute! She's in Dulston! Isn't that Zerging?
Actually, its an iffy kind of thing. You see, my main character, SgtBop, moved to Dulston before Zeffy came around and is currently causing some trouble in those parts. When I made her, the game decided to stick her in Anne General Hospital, located in Dulston. Yes, it was quite the twist of fate, as SgtBop not only inhabits that very suburb, but used Anne General quite frequently before getting Free Running when he was a good guy.
So Zeffy's Going to Be a Good Guy?
Most definitely, her character is a healer, always has been always will.
Where Can I Learn More About this "Webcomic" You Spoke of Earlier
Good question! Currently, it's only in the artification process for the first few panels, but you could probably expect it online some time during the summer. Feel free to join the Google Group about its production at We host a variety of discussions, and Maris Viridis' chatter before we joined the Red Rum site.