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Member of: Cybele's Sisters
Abbrev: CS or the Sisters
Leader: Brianna Diggers
Members: A few...
Goals: To advance the presence of women in Urban Dead

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Zeffy is currently located in Peppardville.

About Her Past Journal Talk to Zeffy! People Find Zeffy!

Day 1 | May 30th, 2007
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Whoops! I almost forgot to write, and that wouldn't start out my journal too great, now would it? Anyway, today I was actually useful! They needed me in the hospital and I started healing people right away. The only patient I had time for, though, was some guy named BASSIST I didn't ask about his goofy sounding name, though. ^_^

He said that he was some kind of bounty hunter, that he hunts people like murders and people who break our generators. I wonder what kind of people would do stuff like that...

Anyway, I healed all of his wounds- which looked more like gunshots than zombie claws, might I add -and he showed me a small picture:

Maris Viridis Logo, Teeny.jpg

He said something about them being horrible murderer people. Good thing we have Bounty Hunters like him to take them out!

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