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Rouge Heart Aces
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Abbreviation: RHA
Group Numbers: Below 10
Leadership: Vigeous
Goals: Contract Killing
Recruitment Policy: Must be willing to PK
Contact: RHA Public Forum

Sgt Charon Beebus public profile

Soldier of Fortune.

Sgt Beebus

"Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performances" is the 7Ps which this soldier goes by in life.

"Train hard, fight easy, that is the way of survival."

"I'm not going out there to die, but to see if I am really alive"

1st Death

Special Air Service.

It all began when Charon Beebus made it through Selection. His life's work and training is rewarded by wearing the sand coloured beret, he was finally in the Regiment. Fighting with the world's elite soldiers was his dream and that he has fulfilled. Beebus rose quickly through the ranks, gaining respect amongst his peers and Officers, earning him the rank of a Sergeant.

Sgt Beebus progress caught the eyes of many government officials, this was his down fall. Making use of his talents in numerous weaponry and explosives, they assigned him on Black ops. Any aspect of these operations going wrong, the government will deny any knowledge of your existence.

At first, things were going well. After each success, came new orders from Whitehall. These operations were becoming suicidal. The latest operation involved working with an African guerrilla force, to recapture a diamond mine from the African government. More unsettlement in the area meant it was good for business for the military industry.

A few weeks into the campaign things certainly did not go so well. Not knowing if it was out of sheer bad luck or betrayal, Sgt Beebus and his squad were captured. Circumstances leading to their arrest remain unknown to this day. One thing for sure in Beebus' mind, someone turned.

Being a deniable operative, the squad were deprived from the luxury of hope, rescue would not come, negotiations will not take place, and they were destined to die on a distant foreign land. After countless interrogations and torture, the squad of 6 men dwindled to 2. Sgt Beebus knows he must act, he knows he must escape or... die trying.

In an act of desperation Sgt Beebus hatched a make shift plan to escape and cross the border to an allied country, maybe hope was not as far fetched as it first seemed? With the help of a few political prisoners who were also held at the same joint, Sgt Beebus and his remaining corporal with four other prisoners managed to escape past the prison guards.

It seems that these four other prisoners were important people.Two of which were mercenaries and the other two scientists employed by a powerful Organisation, whom partly aided their escape by bribing a few of the prison guards. In return, this organisation required information from the former captured prisoners about Biological experiments carried out by foreign scientists in Africa.

After making it to the border, Sgt Beebus and his corporal were offered to work for the Organisation, since they were both more than capable of fitting in as Mercs, especially since they no longer exist in the real World (knowing their Government burnt and erased all their documents and their identity associated with their former country). This at first seemed too good to be true, but Sgt Beebus was in their debt and he does not like that. Anyway, the Company pays well, more than his salary with the British army, so this might work out after all.

2nd Death

Urban cohorts

After a small period of recovery, Sgt Beebus was once again deployed into the mist of chaos and destruction. Travelling through Africa, Southern America, Asia and Eastern Europe to collect biological experiments data or to destroy Necrotech facilities. Sgt Beebus never got the full picture on why they were doing this, but it's perfectly clear that none of this was legal. The only thing which kept him going was the pay, the money was good, few more years and he would be able to retire from this life and begin a new one.

First contact

On July 2005, a cold cloudy night in an English city called Malton, 16 battle hardened mercenaries were air dropped into their location. Sgt Beebus was amongst them. This was not good, the Company never ordered a mission to be carried out of Western country soil. Something big was happening, the reward better be good crossed Beebus' mind.

They were ordered to destroy sensitive material held in one of the Necrotech buildings, remove any incriminating evidence linking the Company to the rapid chain of events leading to zombie infestation. The company know this would be bad for business, so promised the hired soldiers of a fortune enough to live out their lives in luxury beyond their imagination. The mercs agreed to the deal, well they aren’t called Soldiers of fortune for nothing.

No way out

The plan was going well; they reached their location and were able to destroy the incriminating evidence without any casualties. Until they radioed in for air lift out of Dodge City, they received nothing but static on their secure frequency back to base. It didn’t take long for them to realise that they were left for dead by the Company. These soldiers were experienced in escape and evasion, but when they reached the border of Malton, their numbers dropped rapidly. The bad news didn’t stop there; the borders were securely blocked off by government quarantine from the rest of society.

Rouge Heart Aces

The remaining Damned

The remaining men knew they have to come up with a plan, for any possibility of survival. Reforming as a Mercenary group for Hire, they called themselves as the Rouge Heart Aces (RHA). There are no dirty jobs they wouldn’t do if it means there’s a remote possibility of getting out of Malton alive. Their primary objectives:

1) Staying alive, as they always say “Mercenaies don’t die, they just go to Hell to regroup”

2) Recruit local survivors and train them to standards where they are combat ready.

3) Take any necessary jobs to provide for weapons and supplies.

4) Gather as much info to crush the Company down when they do escape.

Sgt Beebus already died once in the World, now the people responsible for his 2nd death will pay in his next life


RHA Public Forum

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Hoster of Battle Royale 2

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--Sgt Beebus (Merc for hire) 20:50, 25 July 2007 (BST)

Honours the following commands

Duelling.gif Bounty Hunter Killer
This user is a member of the RHA. Bounty Hunters Beware.

Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
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