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Sgt Martinez
Joined: 2006-07-27
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: First Aid Kits (FAK's), Pistols, and Shotguns
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Army Control Corps
Character stats: Level: 41
Journal: [[1]] for Sgt Martinez

You are inside Bromley Auto Repair.

A portable generator has been set up here. It is running, and powering a radio transmitter that's currently set to 26.70 MHz. The building has been decorated with a historical tapestry of Sgt Martinez in the early outbreaks.

Since your last turn:
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(13 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(12 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(11 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(10 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(9 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(8 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(7 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(6 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(5 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez killed a zombie.(4 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez lights a zombie on fire.(3 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez dumps 11 corpses outside. (2 seconds ago)
  • Sgt Martinez partys! (Just Now)


Sgt Martinez's Remington 870 after a few "adjustments"
Sgt Martinez's trusty Glock

A young man in his late twentys. Wearing A flak jacket, and his desert digi cammo. His helmet has a bite mark on the top. He always carries his Remington 870 with him. He has a belt of shotgun shells across his shoulders. He lost his pack in the beggining of the outbreak. He has his favorite Glock 18 on his right hip. His face asks "Why?". His guns say "Because I said so!"

The Outbreak

One day he woke up to the smell of carnage and death. He got up, pulled out his pistol and fought his way out of the fort creedy barracks. This is where he first saw the devastation. He dropped his clip and reloaded. He and his friend Lt. Bowen fought their way to the watch tower. This is where he first saw his Remington. He grabbed it, and an ammo belt. He also found his Glock here. He finally got to the armory. Somehow amidst the destruction he dropped his pack. He attempted to pick it up but zeds were closing in. He ran to giddings mall. It took him a while, but once he got there he realized giddings was gone. He then went to bromley auto repair. After a few days of holding up in bromly auto repair. He met up with a convoy in the area.

Zombies rushing Sgt Martinez's convoy

After the zeds had attacked the convoy Sgt Martinez escaped and ran to the nearest PD. The convoy had taken him to a suburb he was unfamiliar with. After gathering up some supplies he left the PD and began his trek back to Pitneybank. Why? Because it was his home and he wanted to be there. During his trek he met up with the ACC who taught him the ways they survived. Teamwork and determination. He missed his brother. They had lost contact after he was sent to pitneybank. His brother was from fort Perryn. He also figured his girlfriend Cpl Riza was gone. She and him were living together at the time of the outbreak. Once he got to Pitneybank and saw the ruins, he left with the ACC to countinue his work with them. He advanced to the rank of Sergeant. He then left the ACC to start his own group the Malton Resistance Front. It was soon after disbanded. With him missing the organization and teamwork of the ACC, he went back. He was then re-instated as a ACC Special Forces operative. After another tour with the ACC he decided to retire and head back to his home, Pitneybank, where he is currently taking up residence.

Sarge Mart

As the Founder/President of Sarge Mart, I would like to welcome you to my page, and request that, unless of extreme importance, that anything regarding Sarge Mart (eg. Inquires, comments, etc.) be forewarded to Sarge Mart's talk page.

If it is an application to Sarge Mart that you would like to put foreward, please post here.

Thank you, and have a great day.

ACC Ex-Special Forces

Special Forces


The SF is a rapid reaction unit that is dedicated to various types of activities whether it be overtly or covertly, and they are able to operate independently of the Corps. Members within the SF have specifically been handpicked from those who have shown outstanding communication and survivability while serving in the group. Their roles & objectives include:

  • Serving as an Expeditionary Squad (ability to relocate to any target area within 36 hours)
  • Procuring safe houses for the rest of the Corps to occupy
  • Utilizing both offensive & defensive tactics against zombie threats
  • Hunting PK’ers who have attacked the ACC

ACC Wiki Contacts

Blessed Guard, 1337 Private, SprCobra, Private McKinley, LilJoeMeatHead, Jeffery Minor, Myo (retired), Sgt Whiskey Swiper (retired), Wicks91 (retired), Osvajac, Xan,


Sarge1.png SargeTalk|Home|ACC

Special thanks to Hhal for making it for me. ;)

I would also like to give thanks to Rogue Sergeant for putting the Sergeant insignia in the sig.

MRF Ribbons

MRF weaponmaster.jpg Weaponmaster Ribbon

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MRF Medic.gif Field Medicine Merit

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MRF Res Sur.gif Resident Surgeon Ribbon

MRF Acc.gif Acquisition Ribbon

MRF Recon.gif Reconnaissance Specialist Merit

MRF 1st.gif MRF First Merit of Valor

MRF 2nd.gif MRF Second Merit of Valor

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MRF Valor.gif Valor Ribbon

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MRF All.gif All Human Skills Ribbon


Most aquired from here.

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My Mudkip's name is Che, and has been trained vigorously in the art of Mudkip Karate. Therfore he can take on anyone elses Mudkip army, even if that mudkip army has Penguins!

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Martinez is ranked Sergeant, in and out of the battlefield.

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