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Sgt Scharffbillig
Joined: 2006-08-09
Character class: Marine
Favorite equipment: Shotgun & Pistol
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Currently Searching for a PKer
Character group: No group Affiliations
Character stats: I've killed Zombies, Provided a lot of 1st-aid and brought a lot of survivors back from the light
Journal: There is no journal for Sgt Scharffbillig
Chevron USMC Sgt Blues.JPG Sergeant
This Marine is a Sgt in the United States Marine Corps
File:Ribbons.jpg Awards
This Marine has earned multiple awards before the Malton situation
M-1014.JPG M-1014 Marine Corps Combat Shotgun
Nothing makes heads explode quite like a shotgun
Meusoc .45.jpg Marine Corps modified M1911A1 .45 caliber pistol that has been "combat accuratized"
Nothing beats a reliable sidearm

Arrival to Malton

Sgt Scharffbillig was deployed to Malton as part of a joint assault, search and rescue operation. While evacuating survivors Sgt Scharffbillig volunteered to stay behind so the CH-46 helicopter he was protecting could be loaded with more survivors. While the helicopter was flying survivors to safety the air crew called over the radio that they were having a problem with some infected survivors. Shortly therafter the helicopter crashed just before exiting Malton. Luckily the helicopter went down within Malton and the infection was contained within the quarantine area. Sgt Scharffbillig will not leave Malton without his air crew and will continue to assist all survivors while searching for his downed commrades.

Current SitRep

Report as of 1228 December 31 2007: I was revived outside a cemetery not long ago. I must not have been active very long. I vaguely remember turning, the zombification process must have prevented me from being affected by frostbite in the winter snow as I laid frozen to the ground. Mass confusion has set in at this point.


Groups in Good Standing

  1. Ghetto Cow
  2. 2nd Marine Recon
  3. Channel 4

Individuals in Good Standing

  1. 0311Ghost
  2. Cow0160girl

Groups in Bad Standing

  1. Mall Tour - C'mon they're zombies.
  2. Malton Mob - Known to kill innocent survivors.
  3. Feral Undead - More Zombies.

Individuals in Bad Standing

  1. Firefighter Mike - He killed me, I will have vengence in this life or the next!
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