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Sgt Whiskey Swiper has had a long career in UD.

Swiper's Founded: Army Control Corps Giddings Defenders Allied Defence Coaltion

Co-Founded: Alliance of Giddings

Swiper's always ready to offer support to groups in danger with the ACC, and has seen many aspects of UD.

Historical Highlights October Battle of Fort Creedy

November Siege of Fort Perryn

War against the New CoL

The Avenger of Malton January Battle of Fort Creedy Protector of Caiger Mall (1st Siege) Giddings (Mall Tour Siege)

Teh Pwner

I pwn all and damn proud of it.

And put Jihads on people, look at Saddam, I put a Jihad on him. And Pluto - but by the time I realised that was a mistake after a drunken rampage on Saki well... it was too light.

I destroyed Pluto's name, reputation, everything.

For Sale

Yes my SERVICES are for sale! If your interested in having Swiper as a merc, a plotter, assistant genocidal maniac? Or even good guy against the world... post on talk.

And sale = merely greatness or cookies.

More About Me and What I'm Looking For In A Relationship....

I also like the occasional fag, beer whenever, and am looking for a... *WAIT - this isn't an ads section dammit...* BAH! Wasted all this time and energy... pah h4xx0rz...

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