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I'm Shadowstar, and once upon a time I was the keeper of the CDF Wiki. I go around righting wrongs when I see them. I have two characters, though they generally aren't active at the same time. Right now, Shadowstar is a body in a heap, while starshadow is going around town being generally annoying and working on testing for my zombie tracker. (Actually, starshadow just went down, so maybe it's time to play as Shadowstar for a while again... well, I'll figure that out later.) I'm a bit dramatic, and threaten to leave the game sometimes, but so far it hasn't happened. I'm always serious when I say it, I just don't tend to follow through, because it's still pretty fun.

I took a long, long, long hiatus from the game, almost a year, but I'm back now.

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Joined: Unknown
Character class: Scientist
Favorite equipment: None
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive and well
Character group: None
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: Journal for Shadowstar

Shadowstar, the human NecTech worker, is currently a member of the Creedy Defense Force. She is targetted by Jamoomba and Shambling Seagulls members, but luckily, the team works hard to keep her alive.

Starshadow, the now mid-level zombie, is a member of The Plague, and is having a lot of fun killing people who care more about death than her.

I also maintain a human helper (mainly for CDF and a few other survivors, though if another human group wants to set one up I can do that if they have a php/mysql site. Zombies... well it'd have to be modified to show more information that is important for them, and I haven't been one long enough to know what that is yet...) The CDF tool is gone now, but it'd be nice to get it back.

This addin has a really nice Firefox tool maintained by Aypok. When it's out of beta, I'll ask his permission to put it up somewhere. It's kind of nice in Firefox, since you can see a large number of blocks of scouting information around you that's been compiled by other people using the tracker. In roleplaying terms, I've likened this part of the system to a smart-camera-phone design that uses satelites to relay information to my servers at my NecTech building.

About me personally? Well, I work in the games industry, and have been known to vent at people. I am one of a select few: the female players of urbandead. I recently had my eyes fixed, or something like that (one eye is drastically better than the other), so if you'd like to know a bit about PRK, feel free to ask. Other than that, I guess I'm pretty boring, hm...