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Shareyja's avatar

Shareyja: The Myth, the Legend!

Current Status: Left in disgust after people (supected to be CowboyUp, Slicer, the Old CoL and the neo nazi supporting Deadscape users DDOS attack on the popular forums.

The early days of UD

I wasn't here!

The Days of Daris

I wasn't here!

The Days just after Daris disappeared

My first two characters who spend 4 days in a libary finally reach Shearbank to do something other than read! Both level ones are killed! Both abandoned in Shearbank.

The final days of the Old Forum

I registered an account. Thought about posting and posted like 3 things before everything was deleted. My account used the same proxy server as a account banned soon after! Thus I may never return!

A new forum

After being asked to do an proboards forum moderation, I moderated and carried over all the information between as many of the forums as possible. This was before turning to the new forum. I like it there!

New CoL

I'm on the Council. Not much else, I give input on who i think are good people and honest. I also enjoy helping with selection of the moderation staff, and I also pushed for the early inclusion of Theos. All in all, just having fun on the internet! :-)

Current Characters

Closely guarded secret, as I do not wish to be pked or griefed... I don't do either :-)

Current Action plan

Get zombie's voices heard so a strike is never needed again!

Avatars and Sigs

My current Avatar was brought to you via Katthew

My former avatar (+ veil) was made by Pooky Romero below

Shareyja's former avatar

My sigs are brought to you by Katthew

Shareyja's former sig

My Current Sig:

Shareyja's current sig

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