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Starting Occupation: Firefighter
Group Membership: No Escape
Goals: Kill people, devour their brains.
Username: Shatari
More details: Urban Dead profile

Character Description

Shatari was a firefighter before the trouble began. During the initial confusion of the outbreak, he and his crew were on the job putting out blazes when zombies overran their firetruck. He wound up hiding in a firestation at New Arkham where he and a few other survivors held out until supplies ran out.

From there he journeyed north to Molebank, where he met several other like minded survivors. They came up with the plans to create a group known at Warband Order of the Marshal Les Chevaliers de Bayard Bridgeburning Jade Knights of Light. Unfortunately, James Ternius (the leader of the troop) decided that was too hard on the tongue, and shortened it to Knights of the Burnt Bridge. Shatari fought beside the Knights for nearly a year, serving as the primary medic and reviver for the group.

As the MOB moved into Molebank, the Knights were shifted into Lukinswood, and then into Shore Hills. From there, they established themselves as a powerful (albeit somewhat trigger happy) Order. Sadly, all things must fade. In the bitter winter of '09 James took ill for a long time, and without his leadership most of the Knights perished or disappeared.

As the last of the Knights scattered during the Spring, Shatari moved back to the suburb Lukinswood. There he aided the survivors in protecting the EBS, and worked with the group CORAM.

Tragically, Shatari developed Brain Rot from an infected bite, and fell to maddened hunger early in the month of May '10. He was part of the many hordes attacking the large congregation of survivors who attempted to escape the city from Owsleybank, and then followed the remaining zombies south in what became known as Big Bash 3.

Currently, his shambling remains can be found near southeast Havercroft, retreading his old stomping grounds from his time in the Knights and CORAM.

Nogo.jpg No Escape
This user ate escaping harmanz.

No Escape was fun. ^.^

BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3!
This user or group was with Big Bash 3. They were last seen
heading home after the party.
Please have your brains ready for later.

I'm partaking in Big Bash 3 as a dual natured rotter.

Books.jpg Centers Of Learning Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Centers of Learning Policy & acknowledges that all libraries, schools, zoos, and museums in the city of Malton are considered safe places. No survivor in one of these locations may be killed for any reason unless that survivor is a specified enemy of this user or group.

Only when I'm human.

APP1.jpg Artifact Protection Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Artifact Protection Policy, acknowledging that the looting of museums is strictly prohibited. This user or group will do what they can to prevent museum theft in order to preserve Malton's cultural and intellectual integrity.

I won't kill friends over this as a human, but I dislike people looting museums.

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