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Sherry Stringfield was a mess. Mute and distrustful, stylelessly dressed, she had taught herself how to survive, but barely much more than that. One night, surrounded by gabbling trenchies and wondering where it had all gone wrong, she fell into a catatonic trance in the Stickling Mall food court. Snapping to six months later, she picked out a pair of heels, then set about losing her way ... Until one day, out collecting fuel cans and flare guns in South Blythville (bad Sherry!), she was interrupted by Violet Begonia, the Dean of Malton College of Medicine. It was the first time in three years that anyone had spoken to her. She dropped her flares and joined up. Since then, Sherry has perked up her wardrobe and her bedside manner. She can be found most every day at cocktail hour mixing a Necrotini in the MCM bar.*

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Air Freshener is Sherry's little sister, though you wouldn't know it: they can't stand to be within ten blocks of each other. She came to Malton because she didn't want to be outdone. So she headed for Molebank, the suburb that Kevan forgot. Depressed by the graffiti there, she dedicated herself to undoing the zerg's work. When she isn't tagging, most of her time is spent searching in schools and auto repair shops, but she also keeps a needle handy for her friends in 10 minutes from hell.

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There is rumour of a third sister, too, younger still and darker altogether. But Sherry and Air Freshener prefer not to talk about her.

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* The Necrotini is a martini, and as such is amenable to a hundred variations: you can make it with gin or vodka, with an olive or a cocktail onion (the NecroGibson), sweet, dirty or smoky. James Bond makes his with Kina Lillet and calls it a NecroVesper, but that's too girly even for Sherry. She prefers the classic dry Necrotini. Stir, don't shake, the best vodka you can find over ice, and pour into a chilled martini glass rinsed - no more than that - with revivification fluid. Carve a twist of lemon rind over the glass, allowing the zest to drizzle onto the surface of the liquor. Drop the twist into the glass, drink and repeat.

Sherry claims the Necrotini as her invention. But then she would, wouldn't she?

MCM Suburb Status Maps

Sherry shamelessly stole this idea from Fiffy of 404:Barhah not Found. The links below are to suburb maps that can be updated by any member of MCM or its friends and allies (or, in the case of Molebank, by 10 minutes from hell and its allies). The idea is that you update the map whenever you change the status of a building. Updating is really easy, even if you haven't edited a wiki page before. The maps are produced by all of us, to be used by all of us. Whenever you click on the link, the map you see should give you an accurate, up-to-date picture of the state of whichever burb we happen to be in at the time.

Eastonwood status map

Darvall Heights status map

Shuttlebank status map

Lois Millard's Molebank status map