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Members, allies and friends of Malton College of Medicine: this plan is for you! Update it whenever you change the status of any building in Darvall Heights, or notice that it has changed.

  • Information to be included: the barricade level, or 'ruined' as applicable (include the AP cost for a repair), the number of zombies inside the building (with parentheses), the number outside without parentheses. Where there is space, you could also add a datestamp, in the form 24.11 (for 24 November), so that people looking at the map know how fresh the information is.
  • The boundary around each block - full, dotted or absent - indicates what the barricade level should be. The text indicates what it currently is.
  • For ease of updating and reading, and so that the map doesn't become cluttered with inessential information that won't be updated very often in any case, I suggest that we update labels only for the hospitals, NTs, RPs, PDs, the factories, auto repairs and the phone mast. However, ruined buildings should always be labelled, wherever they are.
  • Things that are as they should be will be labelled in green. Anything that needs urgent attention will be marked in red.
  • When events happen in-game that produce remarkable changes in our situation - a zerg attack, for example, or a visit from the MOB - they can be recorded under 'Notable Events' below the map.
  • Information more than a couple of days old is liable to be deleted.
  • Notes on how to add or change labels are at the bottom of the page.
  • Should you want to direct anyone to the status map in-game, you could give them the following link:

Map: Current State of Darvall Heights

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
20 Halse Crescent Police Department
the Brodribb Building
Burdock Walk
Howel Bank
a factory
Crossman Grove PD
ruined (4Z)
Williames Bank
Dustan Towers
the Goodson Motel
Taylor Bank
21 Altham Row
Yorke Grove
Postlethwaite Crescent Fire Station
the Cranfield Museum
Dandison Auto Repair
Nurten Avenue
Freeman Towers
the Stothert Building
the Scaife Building
Shehan Way Fire Station
22 Bussell Way
Wenmouth Park
Lilly Square
Piers Park
the Rugvie Monument
Lascelles Library
Doon Avenue
Teek Road
Cottingham Plaza
the Smithfield Building
23 a junkyard
the Farris Building
Butt Road Railway Station
Caplen Way
the Hallett Building
St. Eutychian's Hospital
Wheelhouse Auto Repair
Sherriff Place
the Waddington Building
Tayler Lane PD
24 wasteland
the Papps Building
Hallinan Towers
a junkyard
Clissold Road
Pirrie Park
St. Pius's Hospital
Edbrooke Street
Lance Towers
the Bathe Building
25 Lorgh Walk
Hibbert Walk
Pilcher Avenue
the Chubb Building
Silley Park
the Nurcombe Building
a carpark
St. Matheos's Hospital
EHB Lit16.1
the Rippon Building
the Henslow Arms
26 a warehouse
Coker Avenue
Stocker Lane
Tompson Walk
the Herman Building
Priddy Bank
Stockham Towers
Hebdidgh Road
Scallon Crescent
the Davidge Building
27 Caiger Mall
Holloms Auto Repair
the Wagner Building
St. Isidore's Church
a cemetery
the Gadd Motel
a warehouse
Nettleton Way Railway Station
Cundham Library
the Jillard Museum
28 Caiger Mall
the Latrobe Building
Cockle Street
Yeandill Towers
Perram Avenue School
Mudford Plaza
Sherman Road
Allan Square
Keevil Walk
Bonville Drive
29 Pagram Library
Salopia Row
the Blackholler Arms
Selwood Crescent
Snygge Boulevard
Adney Auto Repair
a factory
the Desmond Monument
Club Colridge
North Library
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points

Scouting Notes

(Status of blocks seen from adjacent blocks, inside, and outside buildings)

Editing Notes

Click on the 'edit' tab, then find the line of code corresponding to the block you're interested in. You're going to add text, or alter the text that's already there, after 'textxx='. Edit the label as you would any text document (don't disturb the more mysterious bits of code). If a block is labelled (1W), for example, and you heal the survivor, just delete '(1W)', and you're done. Preview the page while you're editing, so that you can monitor the changes you're making. Save it when you're happy.

If you're adding more than one bit of information, and want to put them on separate lines within the block, use <br>: that's wiki code for a return.

For example, this is what the code for Crossman Grove Police Department looks like unedited:

name50=Crossman Grove Police Department | cade50=VSB | type50=PD | text50=

This is what it would look like edited, if you found that on 24 February it was a 3AP ruin with 1 zombie inside:

name50=Crossman Grove Police Department | cade50=VSB | type50=PD | text50=Ruined (3AP)<br>(1Z) 24.2

"Ruined (3AP)<br>(1Z) 24.2" was added directly after the equals sign.

Since writing these instructions, I've introduced a colour code. Things that are as they should be are labelled in green. Anything that needs attention is marked in red. That makes the code look rather more complicated, but as with everything here, it's simpler than it looks. To colour text green, for example, use the following code: <span style="color:green">"text"</span>.

Thanks to Fiffy of 404:Barhah Not Found for the idea of the 'ruin map' and, let's face it, for most of the wiki code too.

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