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It's simple: Get in, save as many as you can, get out. That's what they told me. Simple. Ha-ha...

Anti-zombie Squad
This user or group supports the Anti-zombie squad
Name: Shirax
Level: 34
Category: Military/Medic
Current status: Dead
Kills: 63
Affiliations: Freelancer

Pre-Malton life

I dreamed of being a doctor. That was why I joined the army. I wouldn't be bored in my office listening to some kid complaining about a nose-bleed. No. I would get the real stuff: Bullet wounds, Cuts, Shrapnel, Burns, Etc. So I gave my best. And then, just 7 months from joining, my unit gets called to Malton. You can surely imagine how excited I was when they (by "they" I mean top brass) told us Malton was some sort of War-Zone. And guess what? I got to be the first bastard to get parachuted.

Arrival at Malton

My first impression about Malton was... How can I put it?... The place seemed way too quiet, almost lifeless. It looked like anything but a battlefield. The chopper flew over Julie General Hospital. I jumped there. The parachute deployed, and I was treated to a beautiful view of the hospital's rooftop. When I landed, I turned around and gave the pilot a thumbs up. He pointed to his watch, and said (in hand gestures) "you have 45 minutes".

45 Minutes

I would like to point out that at this moment, things started to go awry.

Wounded. There were a lot of wounded people inside the building. Now, what bothered me was not the number of people, but the way they were injured: Scratches, cuts, gashes, and most confusing, bites. What the hell...


I did whatever I could for those people. I cured most of them, but some passed away, victims to an infection I did not recognize. The corpses were unceremoniously thrown out of the building by the healthy, a practice that sparked my curiosity. Though I had explicit orders to remain silent in the prescense of Malton's inhabitants, my inquisitive nature got the best of me. I now wish I had followed my orders.

This player uses scalpels both on his/her patients and enemies.
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