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Short~Timer a.k.a. ShortTimer as he is known on the battlefields of North Blythville in the suburb of Malton


(Above: candid photo of the Olney Militia recon squad emerging from a mission in Empson Park [26, 65])

Prior to the outbreak, Gustav (Short~Timer) was the chapter President of the National Rifle Association, Malton. Somewhat of an outdoorsman and with a very small inclination toward being a survivalist, Gustav certinally understand the need for protection of himself and loved ones.

This background, somewhat (if anything really could) prepared him for the zombie outbreak that suddendly came. Using his firearms training and penchant for staying alive, Short~Timer has organized the men of his neighborhood to fight the undead invaders in an attempt to restore some sense of calm as they await evacuation or zombie extermination.

godspeed you black emperor!