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Sir Darin is a proud member of the survivor group The Fortress and an even prouder member of the combat team, Team Dark Watch.

This young knight had previously survived day to day moving when necessity pressed the matter and holding onto what little ground he could as the world descended into chaos around him. He made his home in the abandoned Chalderwood Bank in Shackleville and did as much as he could to hold it. He would often wander the nearby blocks searching for supplies. His boring and meaningless life suddenly took a turn for the better when one day he awoke with many other people sharing residence in Chalderwood Bank. He didn't mind sharing so long as they didn't make too much of a mess. One of the guests, a Miss Elainious, started talking to him and mentioned something about a group called The Fortress. He had heard a little about them before, nothing more than whispers on the wind it had seemed, but he hadn't seen too much of them, so this had peeked his interest. He checked them out and soon joined up and was put into boot camp.

At the time Boot Camp had been down in Gulsonside, so reluctantly the young knight started on the trek down to report in to his drill instructors. He arrived at Boot Camp a short time later and commenced with the training beneath Chuck Stravhovski and El Desterrado. He met and trained with many good fellows and was thoroughly put through his paces, both mentally and physically. As graduation approached He was both excited and nervous. He didn't want to leave the comfort he had come to know in Boot Camp. He also didn't know which combat team he wanted to be apart of. In the end he settled on Team Dark Watch and upon Graduation (sometime in February 2010) headed out from Roftwood (the new location of Boot Camp at the time of his graduation)toward Santlerville (the location of the current Op at that time) to meet his new team.

Sense joining Team Dark Watch he has felt welcomed by his fellow members and had even reunited with a few of those he had met in Boot Camp. They headed out for Darvall Heights to begin the new Op (as Sir Darin had the fortune of graduating right as Team Dark Watch was finishing up their Op). Sir Darin participated wholeheartedly in the R.T.S.s or Real Time Strikes, which were new to him and very fun for him. He quickly came to enjoy the company the members of Team Dark Watch provided. Towards the end of the Op the team performed a successful Chain Kill ABA Challenge to the entire team's great joy. They then, with spirits high, headed out to perform more Ops and become even closer than ever before.

Many more will likely join and the team will grow and welcome them like the family it is. Team Dark Watch is my family and I can think of no better place to be. I am Sir Darin and I am proud to be a member of Team Dark Watch

Places of my Past

Chalderwood Bank, Shackleville- If you happen to find yourself here, please check in on my old home and see that it hasn't fallen into ruin, will you?

The Wetherall Building, Golsonside- A building I fought vigorously to keep out of zombie hands while in Boot Camp.

Chalderwood Road Railway Station, Roftwood- My favored hideout while in Roftwood for Boot Camp, I think because it reminded me of the bank I had called home back in Shackleville.

Artwork made in Honor of my new group and team

Dark watch banner photoshoped.jpg

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