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Personal Kills

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Le Penseur has PKed over 125 people.

Rogues Gallery Bounty

130 kills

The following have been found guilty of ignorance by Le Penseur.

  1. Nomada asesino Possible Zerger activity along with Nomada guardian
  2. gurlgoinghost She's a confirmed Zerger with the Resensitized board & was seen with the zerg alt Ajent Ghost
  3. Presea K
  4. Doctor R1
  5. Dr V0rance
  6. Nomada guardian She's obviously still too stupid to know how to seperate her two characters even after being warned.
  7. blurredbrain2isatard Another Zerger
  8. savfer gill Imperium Fodder
  9. BrotherMcBeaner Imperium Leader??
  10. BrotherMcBeaner "again"
  11. Alexander Turpin Imperial Guard
  12. seasalt Became fodder in Canderous Ordo's War against the Imperium
  13. Willlie Nelson Didn't spell his name right.
  14. George Washinton
  15. Jakoto A cowardly Imperal Guard who was guarding the wrong suburb.
  16. Jakoto "still hiding"
  17. DrNoob
  18. gatorade111
  19. Michael Porter Imperial Guard
  20. Wyzeguy6 Imperial Guard
  21. ImperialCommissar An Imperial Guard who was not guarding the Hive Capital.
  22. Stephanie Bridges RCDC Bounty Hunter Evidence
  23. skynizzle He never would have been killed had he not taken up arms against us in the fight against the Imps.
  24. Canderous Ordo was knocked out & martyred in the name of Steve Irwin.
  25. Jason Fitch Manei Domini...'nuff said
  26. Papa Nixon TZH
  27. Panticles
  28. RFKzombiekiller TZH & Text Rapist
  29. profFransworth TZH
  30. Proctor Mellow
  31. Cameron Vale The Saints
  32. Doctor Stick
  33. ZeroNoLouise Bandit Queens are enemies of the Philosophe Knights
  34. Lilywhite
  35. Prince By Tor
  36. Rob Lefter Manei Domini
  37. Taste4flesh TZH
  38. Jack Planter Bounty Hunter
  39. Fym
  40. Stormya Zerg List
  41. Zann the Defender
  42. dont shoot im stoned
  43. Stephen Krantz
  44. Yamakasi Besson
  45. Senator Ted Stevens
  46. Ashloren
  47. Isebrand
  48. Veverita Bc is a Finis Zerg
  49. Tom Reed MPD
  50. Old Walmart Greeter MFU
  51. Matthew Corvont MPD Malton Uprising
  52. Twin Strippers MM Malton Uprising
  53. McCrunchky MFD Malton Uprising
  54. LD 50 MFD Malton Uprising
  55. ByroHPOTD Malton Uprising
  56. Sylark MFD Malton Uprising
  57. FireMarshallBill187 MPD Malton Uprising
  58. Ra RaRasputin MR Malton Uprising
  59. James Henderson MFD Malton Uprising
  60. Atryom AH Malton Uprising
  61. Big Axe Ainsworth AH Malton Uprising
  62. Gerald Thompson MFD Malton Uprising
  63. Rachel Vandal AH Malton Uprising
  64. CemeteryGhoul Samhain Slaughter 2
  65. horrorizon Samhain Slaughter 2
  66. 22stars Samhain Slaughter 2
  67. Bakersfield
  68. Covenant Arbiter Crime of Hindrance
  69. brian mercat was tracked down & stabbed to death because of his many crimes of assault within a Center of Learning.
  70. Larith “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee."
  71. Kittithaj His grammar is terrible....seriously & unspeakably atrocious.
  72. BriAnna Blackmoor Taught what it means to play fair.
  73. Jayne M Cobb was killed for falsely accusing a member of my Order of a serious crime.
  74. Twin Strippers The MM's two most provocative sisters were spanked for hindering Philosophe Knight agendas.
  75. dr34d3d nigh7 7ur713 It is unwise to threaten a member of my Order and not expect some form of retribution.
  76. kennethm11 was punished for killing at a revive point.
  77. prudence's zerger
  78. hateuall zerger
  79. Prudence is a Zerg zerger
  80. bowciz zerger
  81. HUNTO2 zerger
  82. Hunto3 zerger
  83. prudence4 zerger
  84. MisterGame zerger
  85. nottom zerger
  86. scrotum twist zerger
  87. DanB3 zerger
  88. Duke Avatar zerger
  89. prudence is hunto zerger
  90. prudencee zerger
  91. mynameisfeces because poo spam is not funny
  92. YLLAS zerger
  93. The Envoy's Son zerger
  94. Hunto is Prudence zerger
  95. Kebert Xelar
  96. Corinthia zerger
  97. The Envoy zerger
  98. Saint' Gambi zerger
  99. Papa Nixon TZH
  100. Jayne M Cobb TZH
  101. spaz kid Bandit Queens
  102. Jayne M Cobb TZH
  103. Orrazib spy for TZH
  104. ZeroNoLouise Bandit Queens
  105. OneEyedJhack He killed me once. I paid him back for his trouble. Most likely TZH.
  106. brian mercat Bounty Hunter
  107. Golllum Griefer of Lamport Hills
  108. Anime's Non PKer Alt
  109. Klara Sparks Slander
  110. Cade Bot Annoying!!!
  111. Bob Loblaw Esquire zerger
  112. Sam Luker
  113. Richie Jaye
  114. Tarabon zerger
  115. ZombieTreeBob
  116. Ziigmund
  117. Clownfart
  118. BigNorm
  119. nash999 zerger
  120. modernrevolutionary Samhain Slaughter 3
  121. Jack Byrnes Bounty Hunter; of course he promptly got me back. ;)
  122. get knifed
  123. Guardian Slayer zerger
  124. Visto Tutto zerger
  125. Vyse the Blue Rogue zerger
  126. Prudence 1s Hunto zerger
  127. Gina Cologist
  128. VeniMorte
  129. Mr Yoshida MPD
  130. Eat my poo

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