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Skinny Bones Jones


Mr Jones' temporary Malton driver's license



??? Jones

Nick Name(s):

"Skinny Bones Jones"


??? (Born in the 80s, according to his drivers license)



Pre-Infection Occupation:


Current Occupation:

Shades of Malton member. Rank: Private


A police jacket, a pair of black trousers, and a pair of black boots.

Survivor Appearance:

A tall man with shaggy hair. Clearly hasn't shaved in days, and has an unusually prominent bone structure. Wearing slightly torn police clothes, but they do not fit properly. Clean boots, indicating that he takes pride in his footwear.

Zombie Appearance:

Eyes of pure white, with torn and blood soaked police clothes. A malignant facade echoes through his gaunt, demonlike appearance. Surprisingly clean boots for the living dead.

Jones' Story

The Beginning

Jones flew over to Malton from England one month before infection. He was staying with family in the East Grayside suburb of Malton when the city went into lockdown.

The night before infection Jones got into a pub brawl, and was charged with being drunk and disorderly. He spent that night in a police cell and awoke two days later - 24 hours post-infection. He awoke to find his cell door open, and as he approached the windows of the station, he heard screaming outside - a seven year old girl was taken from her mother by a lifeless creature and, to Jones' horror, the creature bit into her kneck as she tried to scream. Jones shouted through the open window, and as the mother slowly turned to look at him, he saw that she too was infected.

A nearby desert eagle was Jones' first choice of weapon. He took the gun, along with a policeman's uniform, and a radio. As he stuffed the radio into his pocket, he heard the following:

Officer 1 - "This is O'Toole to base. I'm making my way back via Purser Way, am in need of support. Repeat. Support is needed out here."
Officer 2 - "O'Toole! This is Smith. I abandoned the station to get medical supplies. DO NOT GO BACK THERE ALONE. Infected everywhere..."
O'Toole - "Alright Smith, what hospital are you searching? I need stitches.. one of those buggers scratched me."
Smith - "Sixtus General. This place is too quie- oh god, they're here too.."
O'Toole - "Stay put. I'll be five minutes, man."
Smith - "JESUS!! *gun shots fired* GAH! AGH. *gun shots fired*"
Smith - "....Mrh?..."
O'Toole - ".. What? I'm outside. I see you! I'm coming in..."

After hearing this, he pocketed the radio and exited the station via it's back entrance. Jones had one thought going through his mind, and that was that he needed to find his sister and niece, whom he had been staying with for the past month. His sister was visiting friends in the north west suburbs of Malton for the week.

He made his way to Dart Park, as he had spent many hours there thinking before. Upon his arrival he saw many of the lifeless creatures feasting on human flesh, but he also heard crying. He hastily followed the sound of crying into a nearby alleyway and an apartment block. Inside he was greeted by a bearded man with a shotgun, and his daughter. After the man realised Jones wasn't infected, he immediately checked Jones for scratches and bites.

The man explained to Jones what he know about the infection from what he had heard from the military on his radio. He also gave Jones the terrible news that Malton had been completely sealed off from everywhere else. The man handed Jones a flak jacket and started telling him about other things he had heard on his radio, including the news that some surivors were killing other survivors, and that a small group of people were already preparing to take on the walking dead and murderers face on. This group, he explained, were based in Pashenton and called themselves the Shades of Malton. Jones decided that he was to join this band of heroes, and that he would have them go north west to find his sister and niece when the time was right.

To this day "Skinny Bones Jones" fights the living dead alongside his brothers in arms - The Shades. He has vowed to find his sister and niece, whilst ridding the streets of Malton of Zombies in the process.

An infected female outside the apartments where Skinny Bones Jones once lived with his sister and niece.



It is thought that people call him "Skinny Bones Jones" due to his prominent bone structure, and his sometimes gaunt appearance.

Shades of Malton

Skinny Bones Jones is a member of the Shades of Malton. He is currently a Sergeant, and is undecided about what area he wishes to be a specialist in.
The Shades of Malton recruitment page can be found here.

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