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This is just MY opinion on how Kevan should re-make the great game that is Urban Dead. This is only my personnal vision, but i think it make sense to re-balance the whole game and to give new option to players.

Human Skills

Skills form the hearth of a caracter. The fact that everybody posses the same Skillset just plain SUCK! Also, some skills are silly, like the search bonus in Malls. This is the primary reason why Mallrats are alway gathering in Malls and are too afraid to go out!

Civilian skills

  • Scavenge - Player has +15% of having a successful search.
    • Shopping - Player may choose which stores to loot, when searching a mall. The Consumer class starts with this skill. Widely considered to be essential for searching in malls to be effective.
  • Body Building - Grants an additional 10 Hit points, so that the player has a maximum of 60HP instead of the regular 50HP. This skill also increase your encumbrance to 120% (Zombies can benefit from this skill.)
    • Strength - Melee weapon (excluding Knife, Pool Cue and Fencing foil) deal an extra 1 damage.
  • Tagging - Player's spraycans last longer. XP bonuses are awarded for tagging certain buildings.
  • Construction - Player is able to barricade buildings, and repair ruins. Repairing buildings which have been ruined requires the use of a Toolbox.
  • Radio Operation - Player is able to broadcast within the restricted 26.00-28.00 MHz range using a Radio Transmitter.

Military skills

  • Basic Firearms Training - Player gets +25% to hit with all ranged weapon attacks. The Private and Cop start with this skill.
    • Pistol Training - An extra +25% to hit with a pistol.
      • Advanced Pistol Training - An extra +10% to hit with a pistol.
    • Shotgun Training - An extra +25% to hit with a shotgun.
      • Advanced Shotgun Training - An extra +10% to hit with a shotgun.
  • Hand To Hand Combat - Player gets +15% to hit with melee weapon attacks or fists.
    • Knife Combat - An extra +15% to hit with a knife.
      • Knife Mastery - An extra +5% to hit with a knife.
    • Axe Proficiency - An extra +1% to hit with an axe. The Firefighter begins with this skill.
      • Axe Mastery - An extra +5% to hit with an axe.
  • Free Running - Free Running allows a player to move from inside a building directly into an adjacent building without having to touch the street (and thus saving an AP). This allows a player to bypass heavy or better barricades which would otherwise prevent entry. The Scout begins with this skill. Free Running works on several different building types, but doesn't work in empty blocks.

None of the above skills, having been gained prior to death, assist zombie characters.

Scientific skills

  • NecroTech Employment - Player is able to operate DNA Extractors, and can identify NecroTech offices from the street. Starting skill for the NecroTech Lab Assistant class. (Zombies can identify NecroTech buildings with this skill.)
    • Lab Experience - Can recognise and operate basic-level NecroTech equipment. Required skill for reviving a zombie with a revivification syringe.(This action takes 10AP, but also provides 10 XP.) The freshly revived survivor must spend AP standing up, before getting to a safehouse.
      • NecroNet Access - Player can access terminals in powered NT buildings, allowing map scans, syringe manufacture, and reviving zombies with Brain Rot. Manufacturing a syringe costs 20 AP. Previously, 20 was the average amount of searches required to find a revive syringe. In light of the March 2006 change search odds for syringes in powered buildings have leaped to 12.38% making it more efficient to search for syringes than to manufacture them. (Search data based on 1026 AP - DEM). This makes generator destruction an actual tactic rather than a waste of AP.
  • First Aid - Player is able to heal an extra 5 HP when using a First Aid Kit. Starting skill for the Medic class.
  • Diagnosis - The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name. Starting skill for the Doctor class. (Zombies can use this skill.)

Important: Diagnosis does NOT detect infections.

Advanced Human Skills

When Survivor reach level 10, they can specialise in one of these Advanced class. Once chosen, the class can't be changed. These skill tree create a diversity between survivor and enable the specialisation of each Caracter.

Zombie Hunter skills

  • Headshot - If you kill a zombie, it now takes 5 more AP for it to stand up than if it was killed by a non-Zombie Hunter survivor. It does not lose any XP.
  • Weakening Strike - Zombie killed rise whit -10 HP.
  • Aimed Shot - Instantly kill a zombie reduced to 10 HP. The zombie is not affected by Headshot.

Veteran skills

  • Combat Mastery - An extra +5% to hit with any Weapon.
  • Strong Attack - An extra +1 damage whith every Weapon.
  • Lock n'Load - Reload every weapon with 1 AP.

Survivor skills

  • Sprint - 0.5 AP to move Outside.
  • Expert Medic - Player can heal further 5 HP with a First Aid Kit.
  • Master scavenger - Increase carrying capacity by 30%, Player has +5% of having a successful search. Outside of a Mall, this bonus increase to 10%.

Necrotech Inner Circle

  • Advanced Lab Experience - Player can manufacture syringe for 15 AP

Zombie Skills

Vigor Mortis bonus would be automatically given to every zombie.

  • Scent Fear: Survivors with fewer than 25 HP are shown as "wounded", and those with fewer than 13 HP are shown as "dying" in room descriptions. Both are asterisked on the map.
    • Scent Blood: The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name. This skill also allows zombies to distinguish infected survivors from the uninfected. Infected survivors HP are shown in light green with this skill.
    • Scent Trail: Zombie is able to sense the new positions of survivors it's had recent contact with (if the survivor is within 10 blocks of the zombie).
    • Scent Death: When a zombie or survivor with this skill sees a pile of bodies, they can tell how many of them are in the process of revivifying. They get a message like "There are x dead bodies here. y of them smell strange", where x is the number of bodies in total and y is the number of revivifying bodies. "Scent Death" also is an action that can be used by the zombie for 1 AP to find the largest groups of the dead in and out side a block up to three blocks away (while the option is only shown while outside, this action can still be performed while inside). When used, they will be told:
  • Where to find the largest concentration of zombies that are in the same group as the character within range
  • Where to find the largest concentration of zombies within range
  • Where to find the largest concentration of dead bodies within range
  • Digestion: Whenever the zombie deals bite damage, it gains HP equal to the damage dealt.
    • Infectious Bite: Bitten survivors become infected and lose 1HP per action until cured. Speaking does not cause survivors to lose health.
    (Anyone can cure the effects of a bite with a First Aid Kit. Experience points are not granted to the zombie when victims lose HP from the infection.)
  • Death Grip: Zombie gets an extra +15% to hit with hand attacks.
    • Neck Lurch: Zombie gets an extra +10% to hit with bite attacks.
    • Rend Flesh: Hand attacks deal 4 damage and the bite attack deal 6 damage.
    • Tangling Grasp: If the zombie hits with hands, its further attacks on that victim get +10% until it loses its grip. Tangled attacks on other zombies seem to be ineffective. 50% of missed hits result in loss of grasp. It also seems that only one zombie can grasp a target at a time - you may well lose your grasp if another zombie with tangling grasp makes a successful attack on your target before you do.
    • Feeding Drag: Zombie is able to drag dying survivors (those with 12HP or less) out into the street, provided there are no barricades and the doors are still open.
  • Memories of Life: Zombie is able to open doors to buildings.
    • Death Rattle: Zombie is able to communicate in kiZombie or through a limited, groaned form of speech.
    • Feeding Groan: If faced with a survivor, the zombie can emit moans audible outside up to six blocks away.
    • Ransack: Zombie is able to damage the interior of abandoned buildings, making them harder to search until they are repaired.
      (Ransacked buildings cannot be repaired if active (standing) zombies are present. In addition, ransacked buildings cannot be barricaded until the damage is repaired and it is harder to find items in a ransacked building. Only buildings containing no standing survivors can be ransacked. The act of ransacking a building also provides the zombie with 1 XP. After five ransacks, the building is ruined, requiring the construction skill and a toolbox to repair.)
    • Flailing Gesture: Zombie is able to gesture towards people, objects, buildings and compass directions.
  • Lurching Gait: Zombie can walk as fast as the living. They spend 1AP to walk from one square to another, versus needing 2 AP.
    • Ankle Grab: Zombie only spends 1AP standing up (unless they died from a Headshot, in which case 6AP is spent).
    (This skill also works when standing up as a human.)
  • Brain Rot: Zombie is harder to DNA-scan, and can only be revivified in a powered NT building using NecroNet access. Unlock the Zombie advanced Class.
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