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Hi there. I'm known as Skwirel in real life by most people I know. As such, I have created chars ingame called skwirel, skwiirel, skwiiirel, skwiiiirel and skwiiiiirel (Hint: Count the i's). When referring to them in general, each is an sk (pronounced 'ess-kay'), sk being a common contraction of my nickname. Collectively I refer to them as the sk's (pronounced 'ess-kays').

(Following ONLY in effect when I feel that that sk can sufficiently function as either vitality, currently only skwirel.) I will play each sk under the Dual-Nature Policy. As such, each will be played as what they currently are, either zombie or human. One note I will point out is that at the end of the day, unless an sk is holding a tactical position, each sk will where possible usually sleep in the largest group of its kind it can find (for safety in numbers); for a zombie that may be at an RP. I defend that decision however by my thoughts that it is far easier to die then to get revived without logging a Revivication Request, which I will not do (unless I get really bored of playing zombie, it might happen!). Thus occasionally sleeping at an RP (when zombified) might balance out time spent as a zombie and as a human.

Range of the sk's

Sk map 080114.png

The above map shows the Zone of each sk:

Red zone - skwirel, wearing red

Green zone - skwiirel

Black zone - skwiiirel

Blue zone - skwiiiirel

White zone - skwiiiiirel, wearing white (I'll try to get them all outfits that fit their colours, don't hold your breath though!)

Grey Zone - no-man's-land; usually no sk in it. Sk's may on occasion wander into the Grey Zone, either to chase down someone or to attend a major event (Mall Siege, Church Lurch etc.) Only one sk will attend a major event in the Grey Zone, whichever I was playing when I hear about the major event in-game, or whichever is closest when I first hear about the major event meta-game, whichever occurs first.

NB: an sk may very temporarily migrate to another sk's Zone, pretty much only when on a quest for specific items of clothing in their colour. Any major events in another sk's Zone is that sk's concern only.

Anti-Zerging Measures:

1. At any time at LEAST 10 squares in ANY direction will separate each and every sk from every other sk.

2. If an sk wants to move within 10 squares of a second sk, the second sk will first have to move away beyond a 10 square radius of the first sk's final destination, then the first sk can move.

3. An sk may NOT pass through the 10 square radius of another sk, even if it ends its play-session over 10 squares from any other sk.

4. Any knowledge gained in-game whilst playing as one sk will NOT be used in any way whilst playing as another sk.

5. Freely available meta-game information (wiki, open forums) will be used by all relevant sk's.

If you can suggest other anti-zerging measures I should put in place, please comment below:

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