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About Me

I'm a second year Mechanical Engineering Student who likes to draw pictures like a 3 year old, phail maxors at the skill of proper English, and eat taders (potatoes). I'm a wiki idiot by choice because learning the wiki= moar work. Less Work For Me 09! Lets see I really like taders and am known to bring them up from time to time (always) and my fav of all is deffo Scallop Taders. By no means are the events below my most fun moments, while some are these are the ones I could find brief logs of.

Contact Me

Barhah:Zoey Zarg
Brainstock:Jelly Otter
IRC: Jelly or Zoey on the NexusWar Server.

My Alts

I currently run 5 accounts... 3 survivors, and 2 zombies listed in order of creation.

Have 6 accounts, currently run 3, Sockpuppie, Zoey Zarg, and Cubone (who is a pker with Mostly Harmless but isn't mentioned on this page). - 08:02, 28 March 2009 (UTC)
Since I've failed to update in awhile, I am only active on UD meta in between school semesters. I still play Jelly Otter and Zoey Zarg, but only a bit and its random wandering. <3 - 21:06, 30 November 2009 (UTC)
Active on Jelly, Zoey, and Sock - 16:05, 16 July 2010 (BST)


Started off as a medic in Penny Heights, where sock was in the group The Lumberjacks. Sock then found The Know Nothings and liked the more active survivor group type setting. Sock spent god knows how long in Miltown, Fryerbank, and Penny Heights area until the Know Nothings decided to try their hand in Darkerstown. Pulling some Extreme Repairs and Combat Reviving anything that dares move, its pretty awesome.

Jelly Otter

Some people call her suicidal maniac, and to be honest, those people are so correct. Jelly has been with the ULC basically from birth and shes had many lulz along the way. From her tader filled propaganda on the radio to her do anything at all cost attitude for quality survivor and zombie entertainment, theres never a dull moment. Also coind the phrase MOAR TADERS FOR JELLY 08! :D

Lately you may see her dead, since she is wandering around with bb3. Really she's now being played as a dual natured character, but its hard to stay alive long when bb3 is around. - 16:05, 16 July 2010 (BST)

Good Times

~Hai MOB can I playz too -Lesson Learned, Tennis Rackets.... booo.
~Tader Song
~Tader Gader Story
~T is for TADER

Zoey Zarg

Started off as a wee babah in DoHS, within a few weeks she found herself starting/running a little strike team known as Team America which grew with her to uber awesome heights (yay!). Sadly in late September 08 she had to retire from the team, but its all good because shes now running DoHS full time and can still see gets to join in with TA from time to time. \o/

Currently Chilling in the homeland as a retired zombie on the Gray Guard. Stop by, say hi. -- 21:06, 30 November 2009 (UTC)
Trying to roam with TA, although I seem to only achieve it about once a week :(. -- 16:05, 16 July 2010 (BST)

Good Times

~ Zombie Zanz Night with the ULC
~ My title on Barhah used to be Rick Astley Fan I have NO idea why
~ Harz I get pwnd by a foil

Boots the Monkey

Enjoys entertaining people with his spanish speaking ability and his shiney boots. Misses Dora greatly and is on a quest to find her. He's made many friends, he was with the Big Prick, then did a stint of extreme repairing in Eastonwood, but with the break up of the Eastonwood Ferals his heart wasn't in it and he returned to St. Georges in Greentown to play with his friends at MCM

Magical Liopleurodon

Lio was created in celebration of my final survivor alt in Monroeville Dying (WOOHOO), which I was VERY happy for. He's my little Dino feral who got rot as his second skill and rattle as his third (leveling up when you know how too is uber easier). He's never once been alive either, and never plans to be. He LOVES to eat street candy and will sometimes break into safehouses and zanz some. He tends to hang in Green Burbs and get a kick out of breaking nettles constantly and everything else secure survivors do.



Boots the Monkey repaired Club Vagg (Eastonwood) for 101 AP.
sockpuppie repaired Club Santler (Roywood) for 132 AP.
Taders-red.jpg T is for TADERS!
You can't eat the moon.
Because it's not a TADER!

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