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A picture of an abandoned suburb

Written and Illistrated by Soldier UDW

Copyright @ 2008


What are you about to read is theories of the end of Malton. Today, the city remains on Lockdown due to the ranks of the Living Dead. No offence to Survivors, Zombies, Groups, and Administrators. For now, there are no real threats against Malton other than the Living Dead. This article is actually theories of what will happen in many versons of how the city falls. If you like to post a theory, go to the Discussion Page and write your theory there.

The list of Theories

There is only one proven theroy of what will happen if the city falls so as you read the article. There will be many theories of what will happened if Malton is wiped out of existence. So read carefully, because there's a good chance that one of these theories will happened.

Zombification Domination

Zombification Domination means that an entire area is being controlled by the Living Dead and there are no survivors in the overruned area. The zombies have wiped off all Humans in the City of Malton and now there are no more prey. What will happen is that zombies will start to smash stuff up. How do we know this, there is one spot on the world where its happening right now: Monroeville. The city has been quarrintined ever since the zombie population became too high. The survivors struggle to survive because in Monroeville, there are no such technology to revive a zombie back to a fully living being. Inmagin that Malton gets quarrintined, the population is 33,000. Monroeville has 23,000. This could spell disaster, but Malton has the technology of reviving zombies so their is some hope for lots of survivors in the long haul.

Buildings: Once a building has been ramsacked by the Living Dead, survivors would restore it. But once there's no more Humans in the city, there is no chance that the building will never be restored.

Barricades: Barricades is what keeps the zombies out of the buildings. Once their damaged or destroyed, survivors would repair them. But if theres no more Humans, then the barricades will never be repaired and will be destroyed.

Portable Generators and Radio Transmitters: Now these things you would have to find. If they were damaged, they would be repaired. If they are destroyed, they would be replaced. But if there's no more survivors. The generators will run out of fuel and will not get another refuel. Then they would be destroyed by the zombies like they were never even there.

They're is an estimate of 9,712 zombies in Malton. The estimated number of surviors is 16,902. To the looks of it, there's a slight chance of Malton being under the rule of zombie hands. But in Monroeville the Zombification Domination Theory has came true.

Prevention: Survivors have to revive the zombies in order to keep the ranks under control. Less zombies means less chance of Zombification Domination.

Nuclear Disaster

This theory is about the city being destroyed by a Nuclear Warhead. The city is on Quarrintine and no one is getting out but can get in. And if the United States is going to cover up the Malton Zombie Outbreak, they would send a Nuclear Missile weighing 5 Kilotons on the city destroying it and securing it. Raccoon City had a Zombie Outbreak and the city is bombed by the Umbrella Corporation.

Military Invasion

The Military are here to help us with are fight against the Living Dead. However, if the president ordered a cleanup operation against the city. Everyone is in trouble. The Military would kill all Survivors and Zombies in the city. Why, "Cover Up". And it will be some fight. The Malton Police Department would fight the Military in order to stay alive leading to a war. Thousands will die and as the SWAT team is fighting off the Military, the zombies would be a least of consern. Because they would destroy barricades and ramsacking buildings on the sidelines as the Survivors and Military personal are killing each other. And sooner or later the zombies would go off attacking the Survivors and Military. They're are more zombies than survivors in the city and as they would attack both sides and soon it will be a massacure. Some zombies would escape the city by making holes in the Quarrintine Zone awhile in the camosion. Which means cover up is impossible and as the Military have done their job. Many zombies will roam nearby towns and pillaging them. AKA there would be a National Crisis.

List of readers' theories

This list is filled with readers theories of how Malton will fall. They are carefully chosen and picked to be placed onto this article. The Theory will get alittle bit more detail when it is posted.

Lack of Supplies

It has been almost 4 years since the beginning of quarantine. And survivors are still fighting to survive, we will probably be dead probably 3 decades from now. The supplies in Malton have been unlimited, we freely raid whatever we are looking for: Weapons, Clothing, Medical Kits, and etc. But we must come to realize this, the supplies won't last forever.

On October 2008, the First Aid Kits in Malls have started to run low. That is a blow to the infected survivors. Yet, a year ago there's no more Wire cutters and haven't been any since. Soon we will run out of all things, here's a list on what are we going to run out of:

  • Weapons (Gun): The Pistols and Shotguns are plentiful around Malton, but if we ran out of guns. It will be a blow to the Military within the city, on top of that there is no more ammunition being imported into Malton and soon they will be Nearly Impossible to find or not at all. That’s a Double Whammy.
  • Weapons (Melee): Crowbars, Fire Axes, Baseball Bats, and etc are reusable than Guns with ammo. They are more easy to find around the city, but if we ran out of these weapons. It will be a blow to survivors who are dependent on Fire Axes and Knives.
  • First Aid Kits: Simple FAK can be found in Hospitals and Malls. They are used to heal wounds and cure infections and can also be used on zombies. However if they ran out, no one can't be healed and the zombie population will quadruple in 2 to 3 weeks or 2 to 3 days.
  • Revivication Syringes: The Necro Tech Syringes are used to bring zombies back as living survivors again. This disposable device keeps the balance of the Survivor and Zombie population of Malton. But there's a problem, they can only be used once. If they ran out then zombies stay dead for the rest of the game's days. The results has happened before, in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, United States. Boy that was a mess.
  • Portable Generator: The Generator is used to power building since the 2 Power Stations in Malton have been offline since 2005. These devices can be found in Auto Repair Shops, Factories, and Malls. These help in searching items and power Radio Transmitters. If these run out then we will start to see buildings lights go out one by one in a month. If the Fuel cans ran out it will be a week or two when almost every light in Malton is no longer shining. The biggest blow will be the Radio Transmitters and Cell Phones since they can no longer be used for communication.
  • Communication: Radio Transmitters, Portable Radios, and Mobile Phones help survivors communicate with each other within the city. If these run out then the results will be silence on the frequencies.
  • Limited Items: If supplies have ran out then we have a limited amount on what we have in the city. Portable Generators who run out of fuel for good will no longer power Radio Transmitters and most frequencies will start to his static soon enough. Also the inoperitable Portable Generator in Mobile Phone Mast Buildings will render Cell Phones useless too. The FAKs, Syringes, and Ammunition will soon run out and everyone will be scrambling for supplies on whats left. This will cause the zombies to take out the survivors one by one and soon lead to Zombification Domination.
  • Time to take affect: The lack of supplies will probably take affect by a few days, a week, or a month. Imagine that you used up 45 AP for searching on whatever in a mall and you found nothing. Searching will proably waste your time.

Don't expect that the External Military Forces keep dropping supply crates, they once stopped before and can happen again. Even with a steady amount of crates filled with supplies being dropped within the city won't even cut it by replenishing the city with the supplies. So this will help you little or not at all and zombies will probably ramsack the crates before survivors can get to them. So the Supply crates are an inefficient way to restock the citys supplies for survival.

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