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Soloman Frisbee's badge

Soloman Frisbee is the leader of Alner Squad, a division of the NE MPD, and Inspector of Gibsonton. If you are looking for assistance, please drop him a line at his talk page.

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Early life

Born and raised on the streets of Gibsonton, Soloman Frisbee has touched the lives (or unlives) of every survivor, zombie and crocodile he has come across. Soloman was taught from a young age to excel academically, and his mental prowess grew as a result, though not often to the acclaim it deserved. That has changed since the arrival of the undead threat in Malton, which recognizes Soloman Frisbee as one of the tastiest brains in Malton.

After graduating from school, Frisbee joined the Malton Police Department. Approximately 21 minutes later, the first reports of the dead rising to reclaim the earth began to filter in. It was something of a trial by fire. The zed threat prevented him from returning to his Gibsonton home until he was promoted to Inspector.

Soloman Frisbee is occassionally approached by Takezo Kensei, a homeless man who believes himself to be a samurai. Kensei, who calls Soloman grasshopper, will often advise him on mundane tasks using outrageously cryptic and flowery language. Soloman plays along by calling him Kensei-sama. Recently, Kensei managed to become an officer in the MPD despite no formal training, an inability or unwillingness to work well with others, and an on-going fued he has with a high-ranking officer on the opposite side of the city. Soloman's recurring nightmare is that Kensei will be able to BS his way to a rank higher than his own.


Originally, Soloman's modis operandi was courageously running from threats while crying out to others about the approaching danger. He has advanced to the point that he can expertly handle any fire arm or pointed object. He is handy with a shotgun but always seems to be short a shell.

In his free time, Soloman enjoys cheating at poker, "winning" cash from younger officers and buying them drinks with their own money. He is also known to make side bets regarding his missions - he once had to eat his own blue jeans after losing such a bet.


On July 21, 2007, Soloman Frisbee graduated from Darby Academy with honors. He was promoted to the position of constable and assigned to a mobile unit.

Soloman saw his first major action at the Battle of SantLUEville. He died three times - once while defending the Hall Building, once while protecting the Dewes Building and a final time when minding his own business and not bothering anyone. While LUE emerged victorious, they generally acted when Soloman was asleep. Had the zombie horde attacked while the young officer was awake, who knows what would have happened. (In all likelihood, the exact same thing.)

Soloman moved with his team to Ridleybank to annoy the RRF following the events in Santlerville. On his way there, the game added toolboxes and the zombie ability to ruin buildings. What started as needlessly dangerous plan quickly turned suicidal. Surprisingly, Soloman died only once in an extended stay in the suburb and was the first member of his team to locate a toolbox.

Following Ridleybank, Soloman Frisbee and his team went on a Division Exchange Program. The team rushed to Stickling Mall, which had been devastated by a zombie horde. The humanitarian mission was a success as the zombies moved north to less pesky meals, and the region quickly became safe under the MPD's eye. This was the first mission that did not kill Soloman, making it a personal favorite.

Following this great and masterful plan, Soloman was transfered to Team East in the Northeast. For reasons he still doesn't understand, he was the ONLY active member of the team for a few weeks, making him strike team of one. While his level of bad assness skyrocketed, Team East's efficiency suffered. The brass eventually added to the supporting cast, and Team East engaged in an utterly boring mission of keeping a large horde of incompetent zombies out of an already well-guarded NT. Eventually, he transfered to his original team.

Shortly after getting back with his crew, the Militant Order of Barhah struck Santlerville in November 2007. During his stay, he was killed while defending St. Columbanus's Hospital, the first time he died since August. It was a good run. At the same time, MOB was repelled without losing a TRP for a significant length of time.

After a few minor missions, including a brief visit to Dentonside, Soloman Frisbee joined Pitneybank's defense from the Second Big Bash. He stayed in the Farmer Building until the BB2 took it Jan. 3, 2008. He survived that encounter and fell back to the Morrish Building, which became the center of The Battle of Pitneybank. It took an act of God, in a manner of speaking (Kevan updated cading rules, giving zombies a new advantage), to break the nearly month-old survivor defense. Soloman personally witnessed the birth of Beachhead Tactics and died from the close encounter.

After getting revived, Soloman and his squad moved to Santlerville in hopes of defending Dowdney Mall from the Bash, but to no avail. With the suburb in ruins, Soloman's team adopted River Tactics. Rather than fight the zombies head on, they opted to avoid large zombie numbers and clean suburbs when the undead migrated through. Gibsonton, Dunningwood and Paynterton went from extremely dangerous to moderate under the MPDs watch.

Following these successes, NE MPD headed back north. After fixing up Heytown from a MOB attack, things suddenly turned chaotic as The Dead swarmed the region within a day. Soloman orderd his team to fall back to Dowdney, but much of the same happened there. Frustrated and feeling crazy, Soloman hatched the scheme of invading Ridleybank, a move he hadn't tried since his first month on the job. The team secured a toehold in the zombie Mecca for over two weeks before The Dead's overwhelming numbers forced them from that suburb as well.

The team, mostly dead, shuffled from suburb to suburb looking for relief. They finally found it in Gulsonside, where they managed to get themselves revived and restock. From here, they evacuated Blesley Mall shortly before The Dead ransacked it and headed north to assist Darby Academy and the Malton Fire Department in their efforts to retake Tynte Mall. With the NE MPD joining them, their forces more than doubled and soon Tynte was back in the hands of the living.


Soloman was promoted to Sergeant Nov. 30, 2007 in recognition of his commitment to the MPD. He was assigned to Rawkins Row Police Department in Pashenton. On Dec. 17, 2007, he was promoted to Inspector. He seized this opportunity and requested Gibsonton as his headquarters.

Soloman filled his Survivor Skill Tree Sept. 27, 2007, completing his journey for knowledge.

To date, Soloman Frisbee has dropped 72 zombies and inspired countless Maltonians.

Other achievements include:

Recon.JPG The Reconnaissance Specialist Merit.

Engineer's Ribbon.jpg The Engineer Ribbon

The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg The Weaponmaster Ribbon

Field Medicine Merit.jpg The Field Medicine Merit

Acquisition Ribbon.jpg The Acquisition Ribbon

Fitness Ribbon.jpg The Fitness Ribbon

Sniper's Ribbon.jpg The Sniper's Ribbon

Community Support Ribbon.jpg The Community Support Ribbon

Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg The Scientific Achievement Ribbon

Resident Surgeon Ribbon.jpg The Resident Surgeon Ribbon

Radio Operator Ribbon 3D.jpg The Advanced Radio Dispatch Ribbon

Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg The Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon

Soloman Frisbee, as well as all other defenders of the Battle of SantLUEville, was honored by the enemy for his dedicated defense.

Fire flower.jpg SaLUEted
For their stalwart efforts to repel the Horde, their courage, and their honorable behavior under fire, the LUE horde affirms that the numerous defenders of Santlerville and The Dribbling Beavers in particular are a foe worthy of the highest respect. They made The Battle of SantLUEville worth fighting.

Bash at Giddings.png Veteran of the Battle of Giddings Mall
I defended Giddings Mall from the Second Big Bash for nearly a month and witnessed the birth of the Beachhead Tactic.

Seeing the Sites

Should Soloman ever leave the city alive, he'd like to travel the world. Sadly, with the infection, he's reduced to seeing landmarks throughout the city. So far, Soloman has visited:

Curton Mansion

St. John's Cathedral

St. Luke's Cathedral

St. Matthew's Cathedral

Tolman Power Station

Alner Mansion

Curton Mansion

Blesley Mall

Dowdney Mall

Giddings Mall

Hildebrand Mall

Stickling Mall

Treweeke Mall

Tynte Mall

Mpd.png Malton Police Department
Soloman Frisbee is a member of the MPD.

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