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Zergling.gif Alt user
John has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.

Ronmcdonald.png Got Mac?
If Malton had a McDonalds™, I'd be too fat to Free Run.

Scary-511.gif Zombie Child
...if a pregnant zombie gave birth...

Eww.jpg Ew smell like a zombie...

All of my characters work with NecroWatch

NecroWatch.png NecroWatch
John is a NecroTechnician who works with NecroWatch to monitor Malton's NecroNet system. John has proven his dedication in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

I am The John.

Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
John has guns. Do not cross them.

Bounty!.jpg Bounty Hunter
This user is a Bounty Hunter.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
This user has PKed some people.

Fireaxe.jpg Fire Fighter
This user is a Firefighter and is probably off chopping up a zombie with their axe.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.

I am The Son.

Ohno.jpg Coward
I don't fight, I run!

Necrotech logo.png NecroTech Employee
This user is a NecroTech Employee.

Fine Arts1.jpg Fine Art of Malton
This user is a Fine Art of Malton supporter.

APP1.jpg Artifact Protection
This user is an Artifact Protection Policy supporter.

Books.jpg Centers of Learning
This user is a Centers of Learning Policy supporter.

Prettyboyz.jpg Pretty Boy
...still pretty during an apocolypse...

792182.jpg Zombie Tranny
The Son of a Zombie Prostitute.

Omg.jpg Hey Asshole!
Drop the axe! ... Lend a hand!

Occasionally, I carry gennies & fuel cans.

I am The Cannibal.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
Trevor is a survivor and proud of it.

Redcrosssmall.jpg Doctor
This user is a Doctor and is probably off healing someone.

Revive.gif Reviver
This user will Revive

Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward
This User Pays It Forward.

TC Practical.JPG Talon Company
DC is a member of Talon Company.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.

Gargoyle.jpg Profane Existence Policy
This user supports the PEP.

Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.

Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
This user has signed the Coalition for Fair Tactics Player Pledge.

Zambahandshake.JPG Civility
This user or group believes that while zambahz and humans must kill each other, they can still be civil about it.

CutePKer.jpg PKers are people too!
This user or group acknowledges the fact that PKers play a legitimate role in a zombie apocalypse and that they are people too.
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