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I Support

Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This user supports the
Dual Nature Policy.
Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
This user has signed the Coalition for Fair Tactics Player Pledge.
Ubpicon1.gif UBP Supporter
This User supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.
NoLOL.png Grammar
This user or group supports the use of proper grammar and spelling on the Wiki.
Rise.GIF Prevent the up?rising
This user believes that playing Whack-A-Mole with zombies is plain retarded.

Dawn dead.gif

How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching televison?

When is the last time any of us really worked to get something that we wanted?

How long has it been since any of us really needed something that we wanted?

The world we know is gone.

The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility.

No government.

No grocery stores.

No mail delivery.

No cable tv.

In a world where the dead walk, we are forced to finally start living.

Psalms 23.4

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil: For thou art with me...


Coffee mug.jpg Coffee Addict
This user believes coffee is the NECTAR OF THE GODS.
Nuke-the-whales.jpg NUKE THE WHALES!
Sign the Nuke the Whales Petition and help remove those evil bags of blubber from the face of the earth. Sign Here!
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