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Player killers, or PKers are on a love/hate PR. Either they are loved by the PKer groups, or they are hated by everyone else, especially those self-righteous Bounty Hunters. Either way, PKing is a rich way of playing the game, although the more narrow-minded players of UD constantly try to abolish it, or complain endlessly about it. We have a simpler solution, but we need your pistol.

Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.


My guide will tell from my experience as a Player Killer, murdering during the Giddings Siege of '08, Dowdney Mall, Fort Creedy, and various other locations. I'll tell you equipment, tactics, anti-hunter techniques, and how to get famous. This is all from experience, not conjecture by a random survivor.


As for equipment, the general rule is efficiency, usefulness, and light weight. You don't need a portable generator if you're working against the survivor cause.


For weapons, efficiency is key. Early on, e.g. Level 1 to 8, melee weapons are better than guns because you can focus more on killing than how to search. Later, firearms with maxed skills will begin to eclipse the H2H combat, although they do still have some use in a dry spell. Here's a list of weapons:

  • Pistol: Better than the shottie because it ultimately does more damag per load. Keep multiple loaded pistols instead of one pistol with lots of ammo, because it helps when trying to kill somebody in a crowd, so every reload doesn't send you searching for a name again.
  • Fire Axe: The best melee weapon in terms of raw power. Its accuracy is less than stellar but flak jacket penetration is a serious advantage.
  • Knife: if you're running low on AP but need to finish someone off. Accurate, relatively high damage. Also, GKing is fun too.


There are some other tools you need to be a successful PKer. Radios help tell if somebody is on your tail, or if a suburb's rich with complacent survivors. List:


The ideal target is a green suburb. They usually hold more survivors per square, meaning a larger probability of a good target. Entry isn't much of a deal, but exit is. Always budget your AP so you have enough time to get away. The best places to be is near Malls, escpecially the more famous ones, like Caiger and Giddings. The suburb of Pitneybank, when in human hands, provides a great hunting place, since Giddings is a survivor magnet, and Creedy, is PACKED in the armories.

For normally survivor-packed areas, such as malls, running isn't a good option. Stay in the crowd and you stay under cover. TRP's are good for targets, even though everybody is warned to stay away, survivors regularly don't take their own advice (I saw many people who said "don't camp in malls!" camping for months at a time in malls). Hypocrites.

However, killing ANYBODY, no matter where you hide, dramatically increases your chances of death, just because there's always a semi-coordinated response to any murder whatsoever, especially in Malls.

Otherwise, be sure to spread fun liberally around everyone(sharing is caring). If you happen to be good with appointments, attend some organized parties.

There isn't much in the way of organized tactics in PKing aside from these tips.

The Rogues Gallery

The Rogues Gallery is a collection of every PKer they know (probably about 2% of the entire PKer population in Malton) and records their every move (0.15% of kills) with a coordinated group (loser mob) of stalkers and Bounty Hunters (narcissists). They bounty you for every kill, adding a few points to your name, and take away 1 bounty point for every bounty collected, by the overtly good citizen. A good example of the good contributor to the community at large is QStone, usually found in the Giddings-Creedy area. He lieks to track you if you happen to shoot somebody or be a radio pirate parodying a real pirate.

Bounty System

The contributors, whenever they see you kill, will report the kill to a forum. The kill, if confirmed by the High Council of Monitors, will go into your entry, along with your profile, location, last seen date, kill reports, current activities in-game. Also, they have your Social Security number, all your phone numbers, your medical reports, your address, your real name, IP address, your bank account number, credit card number, and etc.


It happens. Every once in a while, a wrecking ball of zombies come through your shooting range, eat too much, throw too many things around, not clean up, and leave. You're going to have to do some moving.

If you're in a prominent suburb, chances are the megahorde have already done some serious damage and will continue to do so, especially during the early months of the year. Most buildings you see will probabably be ruined, and you might spend some time as a zombie (Every PKer is a PKer, alive and dead). Make sure to check the danger maps and other cool metagame gadgets.

If you got killed

Simply say that you're a pro-survivor in your dead profile and people will gladly revive you.

I waited for a week!

Make a trenchie zombie profile. And wait some more, dammit. Patience is a virtue.

They have a DNR against me!

Move to a different suburb, and delete any traces of PKer groups from your profile. Many PKer group members are covert. Red Rum is a prime example. Its membership stands at 60-ish, but the stats page lists it at 10 strong. This means that roughly 84% of the group is registered, yet does not say so, out of sheer intelligence.

Also, your murderous activities rarely travel beyond the local area. Remember, each area has its own wavelength. What the Giddings-Creedy station says on 26.70 falls on deaf ears of Caiger's 27.31 station. Unless in the future the locations begin to consolidate, a simple trek will take care of your problems, unless you're like uber-notorious, then just walk to a more indiscreet suburb.

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