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A message from Cobra Commander:

GI Joe Cobra-1-Poster.jpg

Greetings, citizens of Malton,
for too long trench-tastic GI Joe forces have roamed the streets of Malton with impunity. All the while, in darkness Cobra has waited and prepared. Now is the time to rise up against the entrenched survivor. But, what can lonely you do to help save Malton?
Speak to a Cobra recruiter!
We are currently looking for both team-oriented and solo killers. All you need do is stop by the forum and start killing Joes.
We are feral in nature, so you are welcome to see the city or stay in one spot. Roam with the group or strike out on your own, either way you have the full support of Cobra and all associated 'businesses.' All we ask is that you do your part to eliminate the threat to everyone, which is GI JOE. Following comprehensive Cobra training, including our new 'Actually hitting your fucking target' training, we will have you killing Joes in no time. The days when knowing was half the battle are over. Long live the days of pyramid schemes and global domination!


This message has been brought to you by the Arbco Furniture Company and Extensive Enterprises.
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