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Where vultures dare

Just old operations.


Purging WhittensDIE

At the moment, we're doing what we've been doing for the most part for the past 8 or so months, eliminating the harman presence in Fort Feral and the various Necrotech buildings throughout our burb. Due to the amazing desire to be eaten, the harmans keep making thier stands and taking thier falls. We like it this way, it keeps the bahbah zahmbahs well fed. --Crash Malloy 19:57, 17 January 2012 (UTC)



Operation: Elmer Fudd meets Mr Wabbit:

This is a side opewation we awe conduwcting in Wyke Hiwlls. Owly? Yes, weally! Objectives include bwoody mayhem and pwenty of suwpwises fow the wocals such as face gnawing, genewatow smashing and feeding dwags.

Join us fow a Bwoody Good Time!!! Zombiegeorge 21:47, 6 February 2011 (UTC)


After skipping over to Old Arkham in December of 2009 for a little meat and eat with the locals followed by the FU choir groaning Cthulhu Carols we returned home to Whittensdie and found it stocked with fresh meat. Frankly, we were surprised that there were harmanz stupid enough to wander down after we emptied the place in late 2008 and kept it that way until early 2010.

Well, what do you do when the larder is too full? You invite friends to dine, and that is exactly what we did. We held a our fifth annual Spring Picnic which seriously opened up space in the pantry . . . or should I say "mantry?"

We've remained at home, emptying the magic refrigerators that are Colglough and Fort Feral whenever they fills up with babbling meatbags. Zombiegeorge 21:37, 6 February 2011 (UTC)


Death By South West

We have concluded our campaign of terror against harmanz at Tikhon West in Ruddlesbank. It's been a fun year against a well organized and most persistent foe. Why did we bother with Tikhon? They were the only group to offer real resistance during our Cthulhu Caroling in December of 2009. We liked them so much that we decided to play with them for a while and see where it would lead. A few of the defenders developed Stockholm Syndrome and have followed some of up to Wyke Hills for Operation: Elmer Fudd meets Mr Wabbit.

2010 Feral Undead Spring Picnic

Our Fifth Annual Spring Picnic is Coming Soon! Be Hungry! Very Hungry!

The Feral Undead is pleased to announce it's fifth annual Spring Picnic in lovely Whittenside. From March 21 - 27, 2010; We will be kicking the doors and tearing apart the barricades for all our guests. So come on down and have some harmanbargahrz and brainslaw!

Zombie picnic2.jpg


The Picnic ran a bit long, concluding two months after the scheduled end. It was a success. The Feral Undead, MOB and our feral guests totally ravaged Whittensdie, clearing out all the main resource buildings and Fort in the first week and spending the remainder of the time picking at the bones until the Big Bash 3 came through and polished off the leftovers.

Only now, in early September have the harmanz started to filter back into the suburb and repair buildings, even though they are only able to hold them for only a day or so before being dragged screaming into the street by their guts to the waiting crowd of hungry zomblings.


Spring Picnic '09

Feral Undead Host Spring Picnic '09

The Feral Undead cordially invite all our Zethren to join us on our Spring Picnic '09. Come and bring your friends, babah brazzahz an zazzahz welcome! BYOB (Bring Your Own Barbaga zaarz)!


When & where: Beginning Monday April this space for the location!


FU Monroeville!

Well Kevan went ahead and gave us a little treat, a new separate map where there are no revivification syringes! Join us with our new Monroeville group the Cornfed Undead and help us put the breathers in their place, ie; face down in the dirt.

There are too few of us left, this is not a city of the dead but it was fun while it lasted. A few of us there have survivor alts and are using them as PKers, one way or another Monroeville needs death.
Worth mentioning that with the headshot restrictions lifted we have been back in force. We have already sacked Oak Hills and Newtown, we are now hunting down the last known survivors in south and central Monroville.

Monroeville is almost completely wiped out of humans, last checked there were 61 survivors. Soon the place will be completely destroyed and filled with wandering zombies. hehehe It's our world now!!!--Alias81 08:05, 17 September 2008 (BST)

The South Shall Rise Again!

Join the Feral Undead in claiming the suburbs of the south east! This area is just ripe for the taking (it looks like its been getting pounded for a while), were planing on keeping a presence here for quite some time, so if you want to take your piece of the pie come on down and help yourself. This will be the new land of the dead.

Despite harman claims otherwise, Whittenside is still a festering shit-hole and the surrounding burbs aren't much better off. The humans keep coming back tho, its an all you can eat brain buffet for the younglings.

Fangbutts Mansion Tour

Hosted by our very own verbally challenged genius Fangbutt the Feral Undead are kicking off a tour of Maltons finest residences.



"...the 26th is all doom for any wealthy folk living up in the hills of Malton. All are welcome, but not mandatory of course.

anywhoomp, this be the pathway of destruction in order of disassembly.

Kersley Mansion (Stanburry village)
Alner Mansion (Roachtown)
Curton Mansion (Chancelwood)
Southall Mansion (Eastboundwood/Lamport Hills)
Pitman Mansion (Quarlesbank)" -Fangbutt

Join us to get in on some high class chow.

we all got bored and kind of wandered off in different directions...

Nichols Mall

The Feral Undead have heard the call of our brothers in the RRF and are proceeding to lend them our support at Nichols Mall. Join us in glorious battle!

the Battle of Barhapolis is now over, we have seen a mighty victory for our kind.

Fort Creedy

We had so much fun at the fall of feral that were eager to do it again! Join us and lets bash our ways in to another trenchie castle! Until further notice the same public attack times will be used for this assault as at Fort Feral.

01:00 (GMT)
07:00 (GMT)
13:00 (GMT)
19:00 (GMT)

We hope to see you there.

It fell like a two legged cow.

Fort Feral

I should have put this up when we started the attack, but hindsight is 20/20. Yes, the Feral Undead are attacking the fort again, and it will fall again, just as it always has. The humans are using a new barricade plan, and stuffing the gatehouse with warm trenchies and zergers, so were having a bit of a difficult time.

Since we're having such trouble coming up with a better plan, for the time being we're going to be using a few public attack times.

There's a problem with this, humans can read this board too, but then again so are all you zombies, so it's a mixed bag. They will be ready for us, but we will all be there attacking at the same time.

Just attack at the most convenient listed attack time, there are 4 of them so it should be fairly easy to pick one.

01:00 (GMT)
07:00 (GMT)
13:00 (GMT)
19:00 (GMT)

There's well over 100 of us outside, if even 20 of us are attacking at the same time we will do some major damage.

Attack those at the bottom of the list, they are the most active and will likely be the ones putting barricades back up. Save your AP for the attack times.

it fell beautifully, and the entire area went with it.

Pole Mall

The Feral Undead are joining our friends from the MotA at Pole Mall for a feast, come join in on the fun!

i need to remember to update from time to time, this has been over for quit some time. (we kicked ass btw)

FU Penny Heights!

after the quick defeat of not one but two malls in the area we are going to go ahead and finish this burb, and all its tasty inhabitants.

killing here just isn't as satisfying as we assumed it would be, were moving on to tastier hunting grounds.

Lumber Mall

Just a short trek from Joachim this pathetic little spec never stands, were off to feed there again.

they didn't even take two full days to bring down, i like it here.

Joachim Mall

It just looks so tempting we cant help wanting to drop in. Feel free to join us.

well that didn't take to long, it fell, were full, lets move on.


The Feral Undead Church Lurch `07


Gang, it’s time we all found religion (to be delicious). The Feral Undead are marching on all of the cathedrals in Malton and will make them ours. Come join us! Ferals and hordes of all sizes, shapes and states of decomposition are welcome! FU Church Lurch `07: Stealin' Booze and Breakin' Pews.

Current target: St Jude's Cathedral, Molebank. NW corner: [12, 47] NE corner: [13, 47] SW corner: [12, 48] SE corner: [13, 48]

A reading from the book of Bullgod:
And Bullgod said unto his disciples, “Rise up and go forth, for tomorrow I will bring the Feral Undead out of Shearbank”.
“You shall cover the face of Molebank, that one cannot be able to see the earth: and you shall eat the residue of that which remaineth. You shall fill their Cathedral. And you shall fill their houses, and the houses of all their families, and the houses of all their friends. You shall thrust them out and feast upon them.”
Hearing this, a leader among the harmanz said unto his people, “How long shall Bullgod be a snare unto us? How long shall we allow this evil to trod the earth? Get thee out, Bullgod, and all those that follow thee!”
And Bullgod said unto him, “Look now, for the Feral Undead is before you, we will not let you go. Look now; for evil is before you. You be all dead men."
And Bullgod ate him in one bite.
This is the word of Bullgod.

everthing went well, the church lurch is over now.

Dowdney Mall

The Feral Undead are working with a few other hordes to take down Dowdney Mall in Santlerville, come help us out!

FU and the Mall Tour

The Feral Undead are now fully supporting the Mall Tour and have more members on their way to help. tour is over, it was fun while it lasted.

Welcome Back Tour!

The strike is over and the FU are ready to start kicking ass again. Join us in Miltown to kick off our tour to retake the southeast, they will be brains for all! Future targets will be anounced here and on our forum.

On Strike!

the majority of out members are going on strike in hopes that some thing will be done to even out the game. -Bullgod 22:44, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

The Strike is officialy over, we still aren't happy that more hasn't been done to make the game fair for baby zeds, but we reeeeeaaaaly want to start smashing things again. -Bullgod 23:34, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Feral Undead!

The Feral Undead are one year old now, there will be a month long birthday party in Miltown. That little whiney suberb right next to whittenside has always bothered the hell out of me, with its lame little trenchie groups fighting each other.

So we're gonna head on over there for the month of january and feral it up. No organization, no planing, no secrets necessary.

just hunt and be merry. -Bullgod 07:49, 1 January 2007 (UTC)


Feral Undead Holiday Caroling Tour '06


The Feral Undead are welcoming the Holiday season with door to door caroling in south east Malton. Come on down and join the festivities!

List of Carols.

Fort Feral

Kevan changed the forts, and that made a bunch of silly harmans think they could make Perryn a stonghold. The Feral Undead have been hunting at the fort for a long time now and we aren't about to stop.

every building in Fort Perryn has been ransacked, long live Fort Feral.

Having dominated the complext for the past week, the Feral Undead are now withdrawing from Fort Perryn. It was fun, but with no more humans to kill there isn't any reason to stay. -Bullgod 05:52, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

the Fourth Seige of Caiger mall

A few days ago we were invited by our friends in the Shacknews horde to join the assault on caiger. We gladly accepted and were on hand for the fall of the Latrobe Building and Caiger Mall.

Update: On the 10th of November, all four corners of Caiger Mall were opened and ransacked. Join the zethren as we bathe in the blood of our enemy. CAIGER IS OURS!!!--Priapus 20:17, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

Trick or Treat!


Oct 23 to Nov 1 the Feral Undead will be going house to house in Pennville (where they have the good brains and not those really small cheap ones) Trick or Treating. It will be a rolling attack moving building to building, block by block. Let's see how fast Penville falls!

Come one down and get some!

Good fun candy brains every where! See you all next year!

Attack More At Blackmore

The Feral Undead have expressed their intent to aid their zambah brothers in the RRF in cleaning out the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank. knowing us we'll likely stay around for a while and help them clear the rest of their suburb too.

with the assistance of teams from the Feral Undead, Shacknews and numerous other zombies the building has fallen. some have attributed the victory to the killing of one or more barricade bots, but whether this was the case or not we dont know.

the Third Seige of Caiger mall

An organized hoard approached us to aid them in the assault of caiger.

...So thats just what we're gonna do. The mall is being broken into sporadicly and humans are constantly being dragged outside.

if you want to be part of this come on and join in.

All the bot bullshit got old so we left. we'll be back when the humans stop cheating and offer a fair fight. Bullgod 06:10, 4 August 2006 (BST)

Feral Undead host Judgewood Pub Crawl!

Pub crawl.jpg

Pop on over to Judgewood for some beer and brains!

Several FU zombies are in Judgewood and plan to sample the treats of the local pubs. Stop by and say GRAAAGGH!

Project Sawmill

An overwhelming miasma of death and decay carries from Lumber Mall.

The mighty and super awesome Bullgod has lead a massive group of FU members to Lumber Mall. The mall is currently entirely under zombie control: the north section of the mall has around 40 zombies or something inside it. The humans, while putting up a decent fight, are hilariously outnumbered, and only a few of the wise ones know what should be done...

Lokys the Wrath said "Get out of the mall, you idiots, you're just going to get yourselves killed. Pull out, fall back, let the zombies claim a victory, then move back in. This ain't fucking Caiger; last stands are pointless." (1 minute ago)

The seige will continue until we fucking feel like not sieging anymore.

Yeah, i think we're done with that.

Feral Undead Host Spring Picnic


Freshly Killed? Are you lacking in the skills that is takes to get ahead after death? Are you tired of bashing in barricades to get in a few bites of harmanbargar before the stillness of death-sleep overtakes you? Are you tired of hunting alone but not sure that you want to commit yourself to a horde? Are you looking for fun and a great big meal? If you answered “Yes? to any of these questions head on down to Whittenside for the Feral Undead’s Spring Picnic!

From May 7 -14 some of Feral Undead’s most fearsome killing machines will be kicking in the barricades just for you! All you have to do is head over to the Feral Undead BBS and follow the directions. So what are you waiting for? Lurch on down to lovely Whittenside today!

FREE BRAINS FOR THE FIRST 5000 ZOMBIES! Additional brains $1.50 each.


Operation Yummy CupCake

Feral Undead scores a major propaganda victory over the harmanz of Whittenside on the completion of “Operation Yummy CupCake". Resident harmanz were greeted all over Whittenside with spirit crushing graffiti sprayed on nearly every building.

Messages ranged from straight forward slogans such as; Jesus Loves The Feral Undead, Keep Barricades To Open Doors. Welcome all Ferals! and Feral Undead Feeding Territory! Barhah! to the comical Feral Undead: Ask About Our Bananas. =) and finally to the highly disturbing The Feral Undead Ate Your Cat. Local resident Chad Hipper reported that his cat had in fact been missing for some time. “That's it! That tag is directed at me. Arggh! So . . . erm, is my cat a zombie now?? sobbed Mr Hipper.

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