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Where vultures dare
Abbreviation: FU
Group Numbers: 61 as of 2013/04/13, some of them on the wiki. One of the largest zombie groups in Malton!
Leadership: Zorinth is Bullgod's chosen successor.
Goals: Feeding on the weak and sleepy humans.
Recruitment Policy: Post here to join. You may also just tag yourself as Feral Undead without letting us know, but it's a good idea to read some of the rules on the Forum so we don't have to come get you.
Contact: the Feral Undead forum!

FUvulture.jpg Feral Undead
This user or group agrees with Feral Undead. Vultures are fucking cool.

History of the Feral Undead

FU was created by Bullgod so feral zombies could still be ferals but at the same time be part of something bigger than themselves.

There are a lot of zombie groups that like to plan attacks and work together, but here at FU we're not always about that. What we do is feed on the leftovers from the raids of bigger groups here in the city (not that we aren't considered one of the big groups now). We are dedicated to keeping track of what safe houses are being cracked open in the city of Malton and exploiting that information to our best advantage. We're a bit like a communications network of sorts.

That's about it. We just let others do all the hard stuff, planning mobs and breaking down barricades, then we follow them in and tear the place up. Eat brains, Get strong. Always going for the biggest payoff with the least amount of work. The basic joys of a feral lifestyle.

Despite this rag-tag lifestyle, our exploits have become legendary in Malton. We have participated in many of the major, life-changing events, and have even claimed a little corner of the world for ourselves.

After serving as the group's defacto leader, Bullgod retired in 2009, handing control over to this second in command, Zorinth. Bullgod himself can still sometimes be seen around Malton, breaking down barricades and snacking on humans. However, he now spends most of his day sitting in his rocking chair outside Fort Feral yelling at trenchies to get off his lawn and occasionally requesting female members of FU give him a sponge bath. This has not yet happened as he is still, in fact, rather young and has full mobility, but he has said that you can't blame a guy for trying.

Fear the Feral.

"If I should die before I wake, I pray the horde my flesh to take."

The Zombies Cometh.


"We're a group of the ferals for the ferals. Our purpose is to make the feral life style an easy one by keeping our members well informed. Knowing just who will hit where is very useful information.

Seriously, do you like to waste your AP tearing down barricades? Breaking in to a building just to pass out and wake up with massive head trauma? Wouldn't you rather find out that several large groups are already busting down the doors of a mall, and all you need to do is follow them inside and feed?

I know I would.

Those are the basic principles of the Feral Undead. To some we may seem like vultures, parasites even, but in the end is that really a bad thing?

Hell no. Because vultures are fucking cool." --Bullgod 10:48, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)


It's a word we like. We use it to announce our presence, exclaim awesomeness, and to rally others to attack, but it in no way has the same meaning or impact as Barhah. The two words are often bellowed at the same time. (i.e., "BANGARANG! BARHAH!")

Etymology of the word: It is not from the movie Hook, although it was used in it, and therefore had its meaning tarnished. It was taken from its origin as Jamaican slang, due to founder Bullgod's fondness for reggae (first noticing it in a song titled "Bangarang" by Freddie McGregor). The word itself is used in and around Jamaica to mean either "rubbish" or "commotion; disturbance."

"I man cause ah fuss an' ah bangarang when I insisted dat Rastafari start from de civilisation of Egypt."

Since its adoption by the Feral Undead it has taken on a more positive meaning than its original use - as in, we're positively going to eat your brains.

Whittenside and Fort Feral

Where We Are Now:

The Feral Undead first moved into the suburb of Whittenside in 2006 and started calling it home. It's never too devoid of survivors so we have always sent our younglings here to feed and grow strong, thus maintaining a presence while older members roam the city to cause despair. Before the change to the forts no one paid much attention to the burb, but with the updates adding walls and other buildings inside drew waves of small paramilitary trenchie groups into the area, lowering the IQ of the entire area. We still hold the suburb, our youngling still feed, and every so often we allow the humans to fill the fort so that we can attack it again, thus earning it the comparison to a bread basket being constantly filled.

The History:

Way back in 2006, Priapus was reading through the wiki pages of various survivor groups, which for zombies is like reading the “strange but true” articles in the newpaper, and came across one juicy bit that we all had a big laugh over. You see, there was a survivor group that none of us had ever heard of calling themselves The Whittenside Medical Corp, operating out of the suburb of Whittenside, and they had us, the Feral Undead, listed on their enemies page.

ZombieGeorge says to Priapus, “How about we give them a reason to have us on their enemies list?” So a bunch of Ferals headed down to Whittenside turning it into Whittensdie. It was a lot of fun – for us. We repeatedly trashed their HQ in Anne General Hospital. Priapus stole Chad Hipper (the leader of the WMC)’s cat and ate most of it.

The Whittensdie Meatical Corpse, as we now called them, cried for help. Joining them in repelling our evil horde was the British Military Corp and a couple of other minor survivor groups based in and around Whittensdie. Well, we weren’t going to let those scrubs keep us down! It was time to have some of our friends over for lunch. It was time for our first Spring Picnic.

Intelligent Conversation Rule

The intelligent conversation rule states that members should speak coherently the majority of the time on the forum, and have respect for the written word (at the very least use punctuations). No gibberish, netspeak, or anything that makes it sound like you watch a lot of MTV.

It's not a chat room, it's a forum.

There's nothing wrong with the occasional 'WTF' or 'LOL', but continuous abusers will be warned and if they persist will face a one-week ban from the forum.

Kill Policy

Everybody goes sometime.

Most Feral Undead members have their own "kill policy," be it ZombieGeorge's affinity for hilarious one-liners as he fights, Bullgod's love of infecting as many people as he can, or killing players with stupid names first. The policies are fairly straightforward. Most FU members use the "stupid names die first" policy, meaning they primarily target human characters with silly names such as "Your mom", "about 30 ninjas", or "Harry Potter". Another widely-employed strategy is to simply focus on whichever humans have the lowest HP at the moment, to get an easy kill before moving on to the difficult work.


Since we are feral by nature, and laugh at authority, the “rules" of the members of the Feral Undead (FU) are minimal. PKing (player killing when revived), GKing (generator killing when revived) and spying on the enemy (in game only, forum spies are frowned upon) are neither supported nor discouraged. Say what you want, do what you want - it is up to the individual. However, there are a few clear FU policies:

Major offenses

Not as major offenses

For the most current rules and the potential punishments, see [1]

Anti-Zerging Policy

As defined on the Wiki, to zerg is to create multiple characters (also known as alts) and co-ordinate them as if they were a single player. In other words, zerging is the use of two or more characters used in tandem to assist each other. The Feral Undead adheres to a strict anti-zerging policy among its members.

The official FU policy is as follows: 1. More than one alt may be a member of FU, but they must lead separate existences (i.e. attacking the same building is not allowed). 2. Players should try to separate their alts by at least one suburb if possible. If this is not possible, then try not to get any closer than within 10 squares of another one of your alts.

Any one found breaking the rules will be publicly called out for it in the Forum, and will be given a chance to defend themselves. However, violations can lead to removal of privileges, censure or an outright ban from the group. You will also be reported as a zerg as well.

Big Zombie Brother/Sister Program

Are you new to the game? First time playing as a zombie and need a little help? No need to worry, just check out our Big Zombie Brother/Sister Program! Let someone who's been playing for a while help you out and show you the ropes, you'll be killing with the best of them in no time! Check it out here

Friends of the Ferals

Zombie groups that we've either worked with, or are on good relations with.

the Pwotters
The Shining Ones
the Ridleybank Resistance Front
the Minions of the Apocalypse
The Legendary Pervs
Ferals United
and of course the Ninja Allies of the Feral Undead that assisted us at lumber mall.

PKer Groups that we are on good relations with.


Although some of the above groups may no longer be around, they are all worth mentioning.

We have also crossed the cultural threshold and have had friendly yet violent relations with both the British Military Corps and the Whittenside Medical Corps, despite the biological weakness they call life. We also have a special fondness for the brew they make over at the Garniss Building in Scarletwood, and occasionally frequent that establishment when in the unfortunate state of life. It helps take off the edge.


A listing of some current operations (some are always "active" so I'll leave them up). Past operations can be found in the archive.

Spring Picnic 2013

Coming soon

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