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St james
Name: James Smith
Age: 27
Place of birth: Portland OR
Occupation: Emergency medical technician
Awards: Henry Dunant Medal
Current Status: DEAD
Location: Earletown suburb, Malton
Current Level: 25
Heals: 311 (As of 05th May 08)
Deaths: 8
Group: Malton Red Cross The Dead
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Journal: Journal:St James

You enter Clare General Hospital. Inside a ransacked ward you spy a young medic treating numerous patients. He wears a grey t-shirt and his hair is combed into a quiff, albeit a slightly bloody one. First Aid Kits are strapped to his back, and inside two satchels he carries. An armband identifies him as part of the Malton Red Cross.

Wearily he looks up on your approach. He mutters "Don't bother me unless you require medical assistance."

Searching Clare General Hospital later you find a brown book. You almost toss it aside, mistaking it to be another medical text book or journal, then you notice something unusual.


To open the book visit:

Journal:St James