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Hi, I'm Stark Senap, Veteran from The Fortress I woke up in Malton in late January 2006. My first ten months I played alone, but one day a guy called Derivator found me and told me to check out the Fortress wikipage. So I did, and liked what I saw so I sent in an application and joined the Bootcamp. I've been working my way up through the ranks and met loads of nice people. I recommend everyone to check out the The Fortress, I haven't had this much fun in ages :D


   * Joined UD: 21/01/06 (12:56:17)
* Joined TF: 19/11/2006
* Graduated BC: 09/12/06 assigned as General Enforcement
* Joined Team BattleHawk: 09/12/06
* Promoted to Freedom fighter: Predates rank
* Promoted to Engagement Squaddie: Predates rank
* 17/12/06 Promoted to Deployment Squaddie
* 02/01/07 Promoted to Conflict Trooper
* 11/04/07 Promoted to Battalion Ranger
* 20/05/07 Selected as a Moderator
* 26/06/07 Promoted to Lieutenant of Team BattleHawk
* 05/07/07 Promoted to Assault Officer
* 05/07/07 Promotion to Chief Assault Officer
* 19/06/07 Promotion to Campaign Warrior
* 18/07/07 Promoted to Commander of Team Battlehawk
* 19/09/07 Entered into the Fortress Finest
* 30/09/07 Elected to Fortress council
* 22/11/07 Steps down from command of Battlehawks
* 06/12/07 Volunteered to move to Team Shadow Wolf
* ??/??/?? Promotion to Campaign Master
* ??/??/?? Promotion to Havok Warrior
* 04/01/08 Made forum Admin
* 12/01/08 Volunteered to join Excalibur after Team Shadow Wolf disbanded
* 15/02/08 Rank shift adjusted to Havok Knight Grade 10
* 22/03/08 Entered into the Fortress Legends
* 22/03/08 Retired!
* 30/08/08 Returned!
* 01/09/08 Joined F4 Defence
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