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I'm not one for self-promotion, so here's the basic info.

Characters I play

Steakfish: My very first character. Started as a Corpse. Steakfish is a dedicated Zombie, and member of the Feral Undead. He currently has all Zombie skills (including Brainrot), and only a couple Survivor skills that he picked up when he was combat revived.

Comstar369: My second character. He started as a Fireman. He is dual natured (when living, he helps the living; when dead, he helps the dead). His Survivor skill tree is maxed. I'm currently working on maxing out his Zombie skill tree. Still don't know if I'll buy him Brainrot or not. It kind of hinders the whole dual nature thing.

SunTzu231: My third character. He started as a NecroTechnician. He is a dedicated Survivor, and a member of the Bandit Queens. His survivor skill tree is maxed. He currently has only a few Zombie skills (mostly the ones that help with getting revived).

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