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StealthPenguin wants everybody to die.
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This user's favourite weapon is their trusty SIG pistol.
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Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
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This user is going to Hell.
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template adds YOU!!

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StealthPenguin plays The Kingdom of Loathing
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Player History

StealthPenguin started off in Dulston as a Scout. After earning some XP from random healing at and around Treweeke Mall. He left Dulston before the Big Bash arrived. He went west to Caiger Mall and then south to Ruddlebank where he joined up with the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad or S.T.A.R.S. There he helped out in Ruddlebank until he decided to follow his old hidden passion of PKing.

He quickly decided to join Red Rum, a well known PKing group that kills at random. So far, he has been reported twice on the Rouges Gallery after only 5 kills.

After being in Red Rum for a short time he quickly recieved the KoS Award for being listed as Kill on Sight on the Rogues Gallery.

End of Recorded History

Life of a Player Killer

Why PK you ask? Well let us start with what player killing is. PKing is when a player, an actual human playing the game, kills another player. UD is pure PvP, and thus, pure PKing. But for the purpose of UD, PKing is when a survivor kills another survivor. This excludes ZKing, and just regular killing, as regular as killing can get anyway.

Now, why I PK. Well, Red Rum is a group of mass murderers, they (and I) kill at random, which means they don't target certain groups or people, usually. My reason for PKing was initially this. Why just kill as a zed when you have to put effort into entering a building. Why just kill as a survivor when you have to put in effort to stay safe from zeds and find them. Why not kill survivors as a survivor since you can bypass the barricades and walk amoung them un-harmed.

But as I've progressed, my reasons have changed. As I have discovered, people in Malton lack any amount of class. Sure there are the Crime Syndicate type groups, which I have looked into, but everytime I read their pages the feeling of organized crime evades me. Now I try to uphold my level of integrity, as much as one can who PKs. I am just here to kill at this point. I will still affiliate myself with RedRum, but I consider myself as independant as possible right now. My advice to you as a citizen of Malton, if you see me, kill me before I kill you.

Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
StealthPenguin has PKed 57 people.

Life Style

My survivor description reads as follows. A tall man dressed in a formal black tuxedo with a matching black tie. With a fedora atop his head and a pistol in his hand he does not look like the sort of person you want to get in the way of.

As my profile describes, I consider myself one of the few people in this god forsaken city with any actual class. I am not saying others do not exist, but I am saying that they are far and few between.

As of now I am not sure what I am doing. I have recently returned to the city of Malton after a three month vacation outside of the city walls. RedRum has completely changed since then, so I am at a loss for a group.

Being who I am I look towards those similar to myself, those being the groups in the Malton Crime Syndicate. The Malton Mob, and I mean no offense when I say this, by all means, does not seem as professional as they should be. Maybe it is the poor formating of their page, or the random change in narrative perspective, it just is not right for me.

Now, looking towards another group in this Syndicate, The Malton Hitmen look like true professionals. The one thing I disagree with is keeping everything secret, secrecy has its limits. If someone wants to find information about you, or wants to find you, they most likely can. I would rather show myself then hide, the shadows are no place for a Mafia.

Everyone has thought of making their own group, I've even tried and failed. I may even look to try again. Who knows. For now I'll just kill as I go.

I'm back after 100 days of inactivity. Now my goal is to stay away from zombies and closer to people (potential targets), and the way I plan on doing that is staying in the green suburbs. Why bother wondering around into potentially zombie infested territory when people do the work for me and tell me which suburb to hit next. All I have to say is thanks, and see you on the otherside.

Player Info

Profile Link:
UD Profile
Character Class:
Current Status:
Red Rum
Last Sighting:
Rolt Heights
Favorite Equipment:
Flak Jacket
Favorite Weapon:
Backup Weapon:
Bounty (RG):
KOS (61)
PK Reports (RG):

Kill Count

Kill Count - 57
Ghost of Elvis
Mick Pompeii
Smurf hunter
J VaIentine
The Cynical Rust
Flogging Molly
Jack Nyzen
A Red Panda
Big JD
Dirk Richards
Devin Cant
Zombie Mowombie
Ivan Tzar
x5 453
Jorj X McKie
Johnathan Drake
dino sr
Shawn Leverman
Pvt Thoughts
Ted Miller
Frederick Engels
Teh chocobo
Jet Caradine
Al Anon
Ray Dougan
stephen ayliffe
A Caiger ULC Fan


  • Reported to The UD Rogues Gallery 13 times.
  • Reported to Resensitized once, but it got removed shortly after being killed by Token himself.
  • I expect more reports, especially on the RG, hence the "Report PKers" Template.


  • One PK has was not recorded on 11/18/06 that leaves my grand total one shorter than it should be.
  • I logged on on 8/22/10 and PKed again. Didn't record it. Deciding whether or not I want to play this again after reading The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

RedRum Awards

Kill on Sight Pin.jpg
Department of Emergency Management Kill On Sight Award

  • This PKer is considered extremely dangerous by the Department of Emergency Management, and orders have been issued to shoot to kill on sight.
  • The PKer's entry on the Rogue's Gallery has been marked as "KOS", and they have less than 10% self reports.

Double Threat Pin.jpg
Double Threat

  • This PKer is wanted on the Resense and Department of Emergency Management Lists.
  • As stated. Upon showing up on both lists, the award can be requested. The awardee MUST have been reported by their victims on both lists. No self or third part reports will be accepted.

Four Corners Pin.jpg

  • Recipients of this award have been to every corner of the quarantine zone, and left behind a corpse at each location.
  • To qualify for this award, the awardee must PK a character at each of these four locations:
  • The Norgan Building or Palprey Road Police Dept in Dakerstown
  • Troubridge Cinema in Dulston
  • Pritchard Grove Railway Station in New Arkham
  • McCullack Bank in Miltown
  • They must present an unedited screen shot of each of these kills to receive the award.

Mall Rat Pin.jpg

  • This player has toured all the Malls of Malton, and has left a corpse at each one.
  • To qualify for this award, the awardee must PK a character at each of Malton's Malls, and present an unedited screen shot of each of these kills to receive the award.