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Davies Avenue

Davies Avenue sign.png Davies Avenue is located in the centre of East Becktown at [24,35]. It is a designated revive point in East Becktown. It was established as one by the Malton Forensics Unit branch of the Department of Emergency Management. As of May 2016, the East Becktown Defenders are actively maintaining this revive point.

the Daubeney Building

Necrotech.jpg The Daubeney Building is one of four Necrotech buildings in East Becktown. It is located towards the centre of the suburb at [26,35], and is home to the Daubeney Resident Zambahz. These zombies make a point of keeping the building ruined, and while survivor entry is allowed, it usually costs an arm and/or a leg or possibly a brain.

the Preston Arms

The Preston arms.png The Preston Arms is one of three pubs in East Becktown. It is located in the north-west corner of the suburb at [21,31]. It's close proximity to Caiger Mall means it is often frequented by those escaping from the zombies bashing on the doors to the mall. It is a featured location on the Scenic Malton Bar Tour.

Mitchell Drive Fire Station

Maltonfdsymbol2.jpg Mitchell Drive Fire Station is located in the north-east corner of East Becktown at [27,31]. It is one of two fire stations in the suburb. The Malton Fire Department use this location as their headquarters for East Becktown, and primary base of operations for District NW-1.

Doggrell Hotel

The Doggrell Hotel is located in central north East Becktown at [25,32]. It is the best known hotel of the three that are scattered throughout the suburb. BARBRAZ opened its doors within the hotel in 2007 and offered a place for survivors and zombies alike to hang out. To allow free entry for everyone, it was required for the building to be kept unbarricaded.

The Percival Building

Radiotransmission.gif The Percival Building is located in the centre of East Becktown at [25,35]. It is the suburb's mobile phone mast, which allows all survivors carrying a mobile phone to be able to send SMS messages as long it is powered with a running generator.

the Attwell Building

Necrotech.jpg The Attwell Building is one of four Necrotech buildings in East Becktown. It located on the western edge of the suburb in an island at [20,36], and has been declared a Rot Revive clinic. Due to it only being connected to two other buildings, it is impossible to free-run to from the surrounding buildings in both East Becktown and West Becktown and is requested to be kept unbarricaded to allow entry to all three buildings.

Loney Row Police Department

Mpd.png Loney Row Police Department is located on the southern border of East Becktown at [24,39]. It is the suburb's sole Police Department and was used as the main base of operations for the Tactical Assault Containment Service.

Cross Auto Repair

Cross auto repair.png Cross Auto Repair is located in the south-west corner of East Becktown at [20,39]. It is one of five Auto Repairs in East Becktown and is one of the most important Tactical Resource Points in the suburb due to it's proximity to The Coram Building in Lukinswood.

Barbara General Hospital

Hospital.png Barbara General Hospital is one of six hospitals located in East Becktown. It is located in the south of the suburb at [23,38], one block north-west of its sister hospital Edward General Hospital. Due to it being one block north-west of Loney Row Police Department, it is an important Tactical Resource Point, allowing both an entry point (when barricades are kept at VSB) and a source of First Aid Kits.

Gresley Cinema

Gresley Cinema is located in the south-east corner of East Becktown at [27,37]. It was the main source of entertainment for the suburb, especially afternoon movies for the children from Billet Row School. Ever since the [[Malton_Incident|quarantine], it has been kept dark, however with a generator survivors can kick back and enjoy the movies once again.

The Herbert Museum

The Herbert Museum is one of six museums in East Becktown. It is located in the north-east corner of the suburb at 27,32. In 2005, the People's Liberation of East Becktown declared this building was one of four locations that would allow safe entry. After their barricade plan was revised, it was kept as a safe location and entry point for all survivors.
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