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Putting all my edits here so that I won't clutter up the edit history of the actual article

Zamgrh - Harmangrh gab bag habganna haz mannah mannah zambahz gab. Brang mahr gab, brahzzaz!



A!rbagz (noun)

  1. Airbags


Aaah (interjection)

  1. Oh. Aaah mah gaz.


Abah (preposition)

  1. About.

Abar (noun)

  1. All.
  1. But.

Abargamz (adverb)

  1. Always.

Abara (adjective)

  1. Every.

Abarahaarh (adverb)

  1. Everywhere.

Abarannah (pronoun)

  1. Everyone.

Abargargazz (noun)

  1. Everybody

Abban (noun)

  1. Door. (from open)

Abbaram (preposition)

  1. Over.
  2. Covering. (Na-ahnna n!gh abbaram mah zam 'Out of the night that covers me')

Abbarh (preposition)

  1. Over.

Abhraaga (noun)

  1. Africa.

ABG (noun)

  1. Alphabet.

Abragababra (interjection)

  1. Abracadabra.

Abzag (adjective)

  1. To be upset.
  2. To be offended.


  1. To absorb.
  2. To drink. Abzarb braag!


Aga-az (adjective)

  1. Holy. (from Greek Agios)
  2. Sacred.

Agan, Agahn, Aga!n (adverb)

  1. Again.

Agharh (adjective)

  1. Other.

Agn!z!ng (adjective)

  1. Agonizing

Agrarh!ian (adjective)

  1. Agrarian, rural

Agz (noun)

  1. The letter X.

Agzah (conjunction)

  1. Also. (Some suggest this is from Swedish "också", others that it's just evolution of kiZombie.)

Agzahra (adjective)

  1. Exactly.

Agzang (noun)

  1. Deed.
  2. Action.
  3. Behavior.

Agzang (verb)

  1. To do.
  2. To act.
  3. To practice.

Agzg (verb)

  1. To ask.

Agzrah (noun)

  1. X-ray.


Ahhh (interjection)

  1. Yes.

Ahm (verb)

  1. To be.

Ahmran (verb)

  1. To become.

Ahn (preposition)

  1. To.
  2. In.

Ahn!nn (preposition)

  1. Within.

Ahnna (preposition)

  1. Into.

'Ahn-na-ahn (preposition)

  1. Between.

Aham (interjection)

  1. Ahem.

Ahnran (verb)

  1. To come.

Ahnzgaar (adverb)

  1. Instead of.

Ahrh!man (noun)

  1. The primary evil spirit in Zoroastrianism

Anamahz (noun)

  1. Animals


Am (verb)

  1. To be.

Aman (interjection)

  1. Amen.

Amaz!ng ('adjective)

  1. Amazing

Ambarga (noun)

  1. Embargo.

Amarh (verb)

  1. To love. G-Zaz nah amarh harmanz - G-Zaz amarh zambahz!

Ambrang (verb)

  1. To follow.
  2. To believe.

Ambrang (noun)

  1. Belief.

Ambrangam (noun)

  1. Follower. Mazzaham-am am barhahbra!n g!az gab mah ambrangamz amarh mah nabrazzaz.

Amharmanz (noun)

  1. Life.

Ammmmmm (interjection)

  1. Ummmmmm.


ANAam (adjective)

  1. Unique.

Anh (conjunction)

  1. And.

An (article)

  1. A, an. Grab an azzbag.

An (conjunction)

  1. And.

Anazambah (pronoun)

  1. Anyone

Anazang (noun)

  1. Anything

Ang!na (noun)

  1. A heart attack

Angrah (adjective)

  1. Angry. (see also hangrah)

An!m!zm (noun)

  1. Animism

Anmrh (noun)

  1. Unlife.
  2. Undeath.
  3. Zombification.

Ann (preposition)

  1. On.

Annagamz (interjection)

  1. Any time!

Annarazhan (adjective)

  1. Interesting.

Annarnazhannarh (adjective)

  1. International.

Anragz (adverb)

  1. Joyfully.
  2. Happily.

Anrah (adverb)

  1. Only.


Arab (noun)

  1. A person from the geographical region of Arabia

Aragh (adverb)

  1. Alright.
  2. All right.

Aranzh (noun)

  1. Orange (color)
  2. Orange (citrus fruit)

Arahn (preposition)

  1. Around.

Arahn Gah Bragh (phrase)

  1. Erin Go Bragh, i.e. "Ireland forever." For Irish zombies.

Argaharh (noun)

  1. Alcohol.

Arghazzm (noun)

  1. Orgasm.

Arm (noun)

  1. Arm.

Arn (verb)

  1. To own.

Arr (adjective)

  1. Old.

Arragzang (noun)

  1. Tradition.

Arra!gn (verb)

  1. To call someone before a court to answer for an indictment
  2. To accuse someone of wrongdoing

Arraz (adverb)

  1. Always.

Arza (adverb)

  1. Also.
  2. Too.

Arzhahm (adjective)

  1. Awesome.


Az (conjunction)

  1. As.

Az (verb)

  1. To be (for all forms)

Azgaban (noun)

  1. Prison
  2. Police Station
  3. 'Shackleville' suburb

Azgama (noun)

  1. Inuit.
  2. Eskimo.

Az!an (adjective)

  1. Asian

Azz (noun)

  1. Ass.

Azzbag (noun)

  1. Seat. Grab an azzbag.
  2. Cushion.

Azzbangar (noun) (see Azzgrabarz)

  1. Sodomite.
  2. Necrophiliac.
  3. Zombie who rapes humans.

Azzgraahn (noun)

  1. Assclown.

Azzgrabarz (noun) (see Azzbangar)

  1. Sodomite.
  2. Necrophiliac.
  3. Zombie who rapes humans.

Azz!gn (verb)

  1. Assign



B!g (noun)

  1. Pit. (Bragh ragh B!g - 'Black as the Pit')

B!gam!z!ng (noun)

  1. The act of having two wives at once

B!mb (adjective)

  1. Pimp. Maarh b!mb hazz!

B!rg (noun)

  1. Bird.

B!rznah (noun)

  1. Birthday.




  1. Or (from Amharic woys)


Baa (noun)

  1. A sound made by sheep and Mrh-cows

Baag (noun)

  1. Book

Baagbarn (noun)

  1. Library (book-building)

Baaggrab (verb)

  1. To read. Mah zambah ghan baaggrab baagz. Mah zambah naghan baaggrab bra!nz.

Baaggrabbarz (noun)

  1. Literate.

Baaggrabz (adjective)

  1. Study.

Baaghazarz (noun)

  1. Librarian.

Baamarang (adverb)

  1. Later.

Baamarang (noun)

  1. Boomerang.

Baamarang (verb)

  1. To leave with the intention of returning later.

Baarbaz (noun)

  1. Porpoise/Dolphin.
  2. Purpose.

Baarh (noun)

  1. Pole. (za Baarh ahn Baarh - 'from Pole to Pole')


Baba (noun)

  1. father

Babaghanaazh (noun)

  1. Baba ghanoush. Mah zambah am nabra!nzbarg. Mah zambah nah barg bra!nz. Mah zambah barg babaghanaazh.

Babah (noun)

  1. Baby.
  2. Low-level player.

Babahbra!n Barn (noun)

  1. School.

Babba (noun)

  1. Lord.


Bag (adjective)

  1. Having or pertaining to doctors. Harm bag man!

Bag (noun)

  1. Doctor's bag.
  2. Collection, corpus, or database.

Bagbagh (adjective)

  1. Famous.

Bagbarn (noun)

  1. Hospital.

Bagh (adjective)

  1. Big.
  2. Dominant.

Baghgab (noun)

  1. Law.

Bag man (noun)

  1. Doctor.


Bah (adjective)

  1. Bad. Bah, bah harmanz!

Bah-bah (interjection)

  1. Goodbye. Bah-bah, mah zambah brazzaz. Am ganna zzz.

Bahbra!n (noun)

  1. Brain rot.
  2. A zombie with brain rot.

Bahrang (adjective)

  1. Boring.


Bam-mahbam (noun)

  1. Suicide.


Banana (noun)

  1. Banana.
  2. Penis.

Bananabranz (adjective)

  1. Stupid.
  2. Crazy.
  3. Thoughtless.

BananaRama (noun)

  1. Sexual intercourse between zombies.
  2. A zombie deity.
  3. Sect.
  4. False religion.

BananaRaman (adjective)

  1. Heretical.

Banazhm!n (noun)

  1. Punishment.

Bang (verb)

  1. To engage is sexual intercourse.

Bang bang (adjective)

  1. Pertaining to killing.

Bang bang (verb)

  1. To kill.
  2. To shoot.

Bang-bang haz (noun)

  1. Police station. Literally, "gun house".

Bangbangar (noun)

  1. Shooter.

Bang bang man (noun)

  1. Zombie hunter.

Bang bang mama (noun)

  1. Zombie hunter.

Bangbra!nz (noun)

  1. Policy.

Bang-mahbang (verb)

  1. To masturbate.

Ban!zh (verb)

  1. Banish

Ban-hammarh (noun)

  1. Ban-hammer

Banzaz (noun)

  1. Flowers.
  2. Pansies.


Barb (noun)

  1. A thorn or sharp point
  2. A witty joke

Barbarh (noun)

  1. Barber

Barh (noun)

  1. Bar.
  2. Stick.

Barah (adverb)

  1. Very.

Baraz (noun)

  1. Paris, City of Lights.

Barbaga zaarz (noun)

  1. BBQ sauce

Barbarh!an (noun)

  1. Barbarian.

Barg (verb)

  1. To eat.

Bargahnz (noun)

  1. Bargains.

Barggrh (noun)

  1. Feeding groan.

Bargh (verb)

  1. To barge.

Barg z!ng (noun)

  1. Food (lit. eat-things)

Barhah (noun)

  1. Glory.
  2. Bliss.
  3. Nirvana.

Barhahmaz (noun)

  1. Christmas.

Barhahbarn (noun)

  1. Cathedral (Barhah-building)

Barhahbra!n (noun)

  1. Religion.

Barhahrag (noun)

  1. Relic.

Barhahraz (noun)

  1. heaven (Barhah-kingdom)

Barn (noun)

  1. building

Barnaaz (adjective)

  1. Bernaise (sauce).

Barra (conjunction)

  1. But. (from the Spanishpero)

Barragazh (noun)

  1. Barricades.

Barrag!ng (verb)

  1. Barraging


Bazaar (noun)

  1. A mall.

Baza (adjectve)

  1. Busy.

Bazgha (noun)

  1. Easter. (from the Greek Pascha)

Bazhan (noun)

  1. Vision.

Bazzang (interjection)

  1. A cry of defiance or joy.


Bgaz (conjunction)

  1. Because.


Bhang (noun)

  1. Bhang

Bhannam (noun)

  1. Phoneme.
  2. Letter (alphabet).


Bra (noun)

  1. Bra

Braag (noun)

  1. Blood. Abzarb braag!

Braam (noun)

  1. Broom.

Braambarh (noun)

  1. Broomstick.

Braaz (interjection)

  1. Please. Braaz nah mrh mah!

Brabagz (noun)

  1. Breasts.

Brabram (noun)

  1. Problem. Nah brabram!

Brag (verb)

  1. Brag

Bragga (noun)

  1. Bridge (game).

Bragh (adjective)

  1. Black.

Bragram (noun)

  1. Programme.

Brahman (noun)

  1. The Hindu concept of the supreme spirit

Brahm!n (noun)

  1. A member of the highest caste

Brahzzaz (noun)

  1. Comrades.

Bran (noun)

  1. Bran.

Branz (noun)

  1. See Bra!nz

Brang (verb)

  1. To bring. Grab zam, anh brang zam haarh!
  2. To give.
  3. To lead.

Brar (verb)

  1. To play.

Brarahz (noun)

  1. Flowers.

Bra!nbag (noun)

  1. Head.

Bra!nbarn (noun)

  1. university (brain-building)
  2. school

Bra!nbarnang (noun)

  1. Learning.
  2. Education.

Bra!nb!rg (noun)

  1. Owl. (brain-bird)

Bra!ngab (verb)

  1. To think.

Bra!ngrab (verb)

  1. To know.
  2. To understand.

Bra!nz (noun)

  1. Brains
  2. Food.

Bra!nzbarn (noun)

  1. restaurant (food-building)

Bra!nz Rag (noun)

  1. Brain Rot.

Bra!z!ng (noun)

  1. Braising. The act of cooking with low heat.

Brazzahz (noun)

  1. Comrades.

Brazzan (noun)

  1. Present.

Brazza-habban (noun)

  1. Fraternization. (brother-having)

Brrrh (interjection)

  1. I am cold



G!az (pronoun)

  1. Which.

G!b (verb)

  1. To kill. Ah g!b abara harman Ah z. (from the gaming slang term "gib")

G!bz {noun)

  1. Kills. Mah zambah haz mannah g!bz.

G!gagram (noun)

  1. One million kilograms

G!zz (noun / verb)

  1. Kiss. G!zz mah azz, harman!
  2. Jizz (semen)


G-Zaz Haz (noun)

  1. Church, lit Jesus's house.



Gaa (pronoun)

  1. You (singular).

Gaam (noun)

  1. Game.

Gaaz (noun)

  1. Cow.

Gaazarz (noun)

  1. The Florida Gators basketball team.


Gab (noun)

  1. Language.
  2. Text.
  3. Talk.

Gab (verb)

  1. To talk. As in the zombie joke, "Gabbah gabbah, BANG!"
  2. To give. G-Zaz gab gargazz.

Gabba (noun)

  1. Chapter.

Gabbah gabbah (verb)

  1. To gobble up. Gabbah gabbah gargazz!

Gabbahgabbah (noun)

  1. A speech.

Gabban (noun)

  1. Discussion.

Gabgab (noun)

  1. Language.



  1. (verb): To be quiet
  2. (noun): A corny joke

Gaga (adjective)

  1. Infatuated

GaGab (noun)

  1. Worship.
  2. Prayer.

GaGab (verb)

  1. To worship.
  2. To pray.

Gagarah (noun)

  1. A duck. (from russian)


Gahhahngg (verb)

  1. To defend.

Gahn (adjective)

  1. Gone.

Gahzazambah (noun)

  1. Term for zombie linguists.


Gam (noun)

  1. Gem.
  2. Stone.
  3. Leg.

Gamahnran (adjective)

  1. Next.
  2. Coming.

Gambag Raza!b (noun) see Hambagh Rar!b

  1. Combat revive.

Gambarman (noun)

  1. Compartment.
  2. Section.

Gamma (noun)

  1. A letter of the Greek alphabet
  2. A type of radiation

Gamz (noun)

  1. Time.
  2. The ages.


Ganarazhar (noun)

  1. Generator.
  2. Power.

Gang (noun)

  1. Horde.

Gangbang (noun)

  1. Feeding frenzy.
  2. Orgy.

Gangbangz (noun)

  1. Sins.

Ganna (verb; auxiliary)

  1. Future tense marker. Mah zambah ganna harm harmanz.

Ganz (noun)

  1. Guns.


Gar (noun)

  1. Car.

Garagz (noun)

  1. Crucifix.
  2. Cross.
  3. Garage.

Garb (noun)

  1. Clothes

Garbahz (noun)

  1. Garbage.

Garbh (noun)

  1. Golf.

Gargazz (noun)

  1. Body. G-Zaz zah-- am mah gargazz.
  2. Carcass.

Garn!zh (verb)

  1. To decorate, esp. food


Gaz (noun)

  1. God. Aaah mah gaz.

Gazga (noun)

  1. Cat. (from Russian koshka)

Gazh (noun)

  1. Gash.


Ghaarh (verb)

  1. To care. (Mah zam nah ghaarh - 'I don't care')

Gham (verb)

  1. To rise. Mazzah am gham! (probably from the Arabic qam)

Ghan (verb; auxiliary)

  1. To be able to. Mah zambah ghan barg bra!nz.

Ghazh (noun)

  1. Money.
  2. Cash.


Gnazh (verb)

  1. Gnash; to bare and grind one's teeth threateningly


Graagh (verb)

  1. To test. graaghan -> testing.
  2. To talk, to speak, to pontificate.

Graang (noun)

  1. Ground.

Graanz (verb)

  1. To groan. (Mah zambah graanz - 'I'm groaning')

Grab (verb)

  1. To attack. Grab arm, harm man!
  2. To look at.
  3. To see.
  4. To take.

Grag (noun)

  1. Clock.

Grah (noun)

  1. Game, playing the game. (from ukrainian)
  1. to talk, to speak, to make any sounds

Graham (noun)

  1. a type of cracker

Grahm (noun)

  1. Crom. Some zombies worship Crom because they know what is best in life.

Grahn (verb)

  1. To groan.

Gram (noun)

  1. A unit of measurement

Gramma (noun)

  1. Grandmother.

Grammar (noun)

  1. Grammar.

Granba (noun)

  1. Grandfather.

Granraba (noun)

  1. Whisky. (Glenlivet)

Grarrah (noun)

  1. Glory.

Grazz (pronoun)

  1. You (pl.).
  2. Y'all.
  3. You'uns.
  4. You guys.

Grazzaz (noun)

  1. Glasses.

Grazhaz (adjective)

  1. Gracious.

Graz!ng (verb)

  1. Grazing

Grh (preposition)

  1. With.

Grh!mm!zh (noun)

  1. Grimace



H!ragana (noun)

  1. A Japanese writing system



Ha!rbra!n (adjective)

  1. Hairbrained, as in "a hairbrained scheme"


Haah (adverb)

  1. How.

Haahabarh (adverb)

  1. However. (Haahabarh mazh gamz bah-bah haz - 'However much evil the ages have')

Haar (noun)

  1. Hour.

Haarh (adverb)

  1. Here. Grab zam, anh brang zam haarh!

Haarz (noun)

  1. Hair.


Hab (verb)

  1. To help.

Hab bahnz (noun)

  1. Hit Points.

Habbabaghamaz (noun)

  1. Hippopotamus.

Habbagambaz (noun)

  1. Hippocampus.

Habbah (adjective)

  1. Happy.

Habbah hangrah (verb)

  1. To eat, to dine.
  2. Bon Appetit!

Habban (verb)

  1. Having.

Habbanan (noun)

  1. Happening.
  2. Happenstance.
  3. Circumstance. (Hhan mah Habbanan grabz mah bra!nz - 'When Circumstance clutches me')

Habganna (noun)

  1. Will or desire, lit. have + future auxiliary

Habganna (verb)

  1. To want.


Hag (verb)

  1. To hug.

Hagg!n (verb)

  1. Hugging.
  2. Sex. (slang)

Hagg!z (noun)

  1. Haggis


Ham (noun)

  1. Ham.
  2. Home.

Ham (pronoun)

  1. Him. Grab ham!

Hambagh Rar!b (noun)

  1. Combat revive.

Hammarh (verb)

  1. To attack.
  2. To hammer.


Hang (verb)

  1. To hang.
  2. To loom. (Am hangan Harrarh - 'The Horror looms')

Hangarh (noun)

  1. A place where airplanes are kept.

Hangman (noun)

  1. An executioner
  2. A word game

Hangrah (adjective)

  1. Hungry.
  2. Angry.

Hanz (noun)

  1. Hand.


Har (pronoun)

  1. Her. Grab her! (rare)

Haraam (adjective)

  1. Haraam; a food that cannot be eaten by zombies of the muslim faith

Harhar (noun)

  1. Joke.

Harm (noun)

  1. Harm.

Harm (verb)

  1. To harm. Harm bang bang man!

Harman (noun)

  1. Survivor.
  2. Mortal.
plural: harmanz

Harmanzgar (noun)

  1. Volkswagen.

Harmbargarz (noun)

  1. Hamburgers.

Harn (noun)

  1. Horn.
  2. Phome.
  3. Radio transmitter.
  4. Bullhorn.

Harrah grazz (interjection)

  1. Here it goes.

Harrah (interjection)

  1. Hurrah

Harrangaz (adjective)

  1. Hollandaise (sauce)

Harrarh (noun)

  1. Horror. Zah harrarh, zah harrarh!

Harrazz (verb)

  1. Harass, pester, annoy


Haz (noun)

  1. House.

Haz (verb)

  1. Have.

Hazarmz (adjective)

  1. Mighty.

Hazbrabagz (noun)

  1. Girl.
  2. Female.
  3. Woman.

Hazmanbagz (noun)

  1. Boy.
  2. Male.
  3. Man.

Hazz (noun)

  1. Hat. Maarh b!mb hazz!

Hazzah (interjection)

  1. Huzzah.


Hh!gh (noun)

  1. Fight.

Hh!gh (verb)

  1. To Fight.

Hhan (adverb)

  1. When.

Hhahan (adverb)

  1. If.


Hranz (noun)

  1. Friends.



M!azma (noun)

  1. Miasma

M!bbarh (noun)

  1. Fiddle.

M!g! bagh (noun)

  1. Mixed-bag.

M!granz (noun)

  1. Migraines

M!n!m!z!ng (verb)

  1. Minimising

M!n!m!zm (noun)

  1. Minimism

M!rh (noun)

  1. Peace. (from the Russian mir)

M!rhazzan (adjective)

  1. Peaceful.

M!zarrang!ng (verb)

  1. Misarranging.

M!zra!z!ng (verb)

  1. Raising one's children in an improper manner


M-ahhrr (noun)

  1. Cat.



Ma!gz (noun)

  1. Maid.

Ma!m!ng (verb)

  1. Maiming


Maag (verb)

  1. To make.

Maam (noun)

  1. A polite way of addressing a woman

Maan (noun)

  1. Moon.

Maanz (verb)

  1. To moan. (nah maanz! - 'Don't moan!')

Maaz- (prefix)

  1. Most.

Maazmannah (adjective)

  1. Most.


Magaz!n (noun)

  1. Magazine

Maggang (verb)

  1. To build.

Magma (noun)

  1. Molten rock

Magrabhan (noun)

  1. Microphone.
  2. Person of North African descent. (pejorative)


Mah (pronoun)

  1. Possessive pronoun.

Mah zambah (pronoun)

  1. I; me.

Mah zambah brazzahz (pronoun)

  1. We; us.
  2. You.

Mah zambah brazzahz ahn zazzaz (pronoun)

  1. (formal) We; us.
  2. (formal) You.

Mahgang gaar (noun)

  1. Mating call.


Mama (noun)

  1. Mother (sometimes in figurative meaning)

Mamaaz (adverb)

  1. Almost.

Mamba (noun)

  1. A zombie dance.
  2. A venomous snake.


Man (noun)

  1. Human.

Mana (noun)

  1. Magical power

Manag!ng (noun)

  1. The act of managing something

Manbag (noun)

  1. Male purse.

Manbagz (noun)

  1. Testicles.

Manga (noun)

  1. Japanese comic books

Mangah (verb)

  1. To munch.

Mangang (verb)

  1. To maintain.

Mannah (adjective)

  1. Many.

Mann!zh (adjective)

  1. Mannish

Manzana (noun)

  1. Apple (from Spanish)

Manzhan (noun)

  1. Mansion


Maranara zaarz (noun)

  1. Marinara sauce.

Margarh!n (noun)

  1. Margarine, a butter substitute

Margarh!za (noun)

  1. Margarita.

Marg!n (noun)

  1. Margin

Marh, Mahrh (adverb)

  1. More.

Marharhahar (noun)

  1. Motherfucker.

Marh-z (noun)

  1. Mercy. Nah marh-z, harmanz!

Marh!mba ('noun')

  1. Marimba

Marnang (noun)

  1. Morning.

Marrara (adverb)

  1. Merrily.

Marzan (noun)

  1. Malton.


Maz (auxiliary verb)

  1. Must.

Mazah (noun)

  1. Mercy.

Maz hab (verb)

  1. To need.

Mazh (adjective)

  1. Much.

Mazhamarah (adverb)

  1. First. (from Amharic mejameriya)

Mazza (noun)

  1. Master.

Mazzagrh (verb)

  1. To massacre.

Mazzah (noun)

  1. Christ. Mazzah am gham!
  2. Messiah.

Mazzaham (noun)

  1. Christian.

Mazzaham-am (noun)

  1. Christianity.

Mazzag!ng (noun)

  1. The act of massaging


Mmm (adverb)

  1. Tasty. Harmanz branz arh mmm...


Mrh (noun)

  1. Life

Mrh (verb)

  1. To live. found mostly as the imperative, Live!

Mrh? (interjection)

  1. What?
  2. Who?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. Why?
  6. Revive me, please.

Mrh-baggaz (interjection)

  1. Why?
  2. Wherefore?

Mrh-banana (noun)

  1. Revivification syringe.

Mrh-bangz (noun)

  1. Revivification syringe.

Mrhbarn, Mrh-barn (noun)

  1. Revive clinic.

Mrh-mann (noun)

  1. Reviver

mrh-manz (noun, plural)

  1. Survivors with Revival Skills (in general)
  2. Necrotech staff




  1. Night.

N!ngah (noun)

  1. Ninja.
  2. Trenchcoater.


na- (prefix)

  1. Not/Un. Na is a prefix that is frequently used in kiZombie.

Na-Z (adjective)

  1. Invisible.

Na (article)

  1. No.

Na (interjection)

  1. No.

na (verb; imperative)

  1. Don't.

na-ahn (preposition)

  1. Without (location).

na-ahnna (preposition)

  1. From.
  2. Out of. Brang mah zambah brazzahz na-ahnna bang bang man

na-ann (preposition)

  1. Under. (not on)

Naagz (noun)

  1. Note.


Nab (verb)

  1. Grab

Nabagh (adjective)

  1. Small.

Nabah (adjective)

  1. Good.

Nabah-ahnran (interjection)

  1. Welcome.

Nabahbrang (verb)

  1. To help.

Nabar (adverb)

  1. Never.

Nabarmang (noun)

  1. Nevermind.

Nabarzarazz (adverb)

  1. Nevertheless.

Nabgaz (adverb)

  1. Although.
  2. While.

Nabra!nzbarg (adjective)

  1. Vegeterian. Mah zambah nah barg bra!nz. Mah zambah barg babaghanaazh. Mah zambah am nabra!nzbarg.

Nabragh (adjective)

  1. White. (not-black)

Nabrazzaz (noun)

  1. Enemy. Mazzaham-am am barhahbra!n g!az gab mah ambrangamz amarh mah nabrazzaz.



  1. (verb): to pester
  2. (noun): an old horse

Naga (noun)

  1. A mythical being, half-man and half-snake

Naggahz (noun)

  1. Friends. (pej. esp. from harmanz.)

Naghan (verb; auxiliary)

  1. To be unable to. Harmanz naghan barg bra!nz.

Nagrabz (interjection)

  1. Please. also "braaz"


Nah (verb; auxiliary)

  1. Doesn't. Mah zambah nah harmz harmanz.

Nah (adverb)

  1. Not.

Nah-haarh (adverb)

  1. Nowhere.

Nah-namrh (adjective)

  1. Undead.

nahabbah (adjective)

  1. Unhappy, sad.
  2. Angry.

nahabbah-gab (noun)

  1. Complaining, whining.

Naharman (noun)

  1. Immortal.

Nahgz (verb)

  1. To need. Mah zambah nahgz marh bra!nz!

Nahran (adjective)

  1. Restricted.


Namannah (adjective)

  1. Few.

Nambah (noun)

  1. Number.

Namrh (adjective)

  1. Dead.

Namrh (verb)

  1. To die.

Namz (noun)

  1. Name.


Nanagrab (verb)

  1. To reject.


Narh (adverb)

  1. Only. (from german nur)


Naz (adjective)

  1. Nice. Am naz zambah.

Naz!ng (noun)

  1. Nothing.

Naz!zm (noun)

  1. Nazism

Na-zhanna (adjective)

  1. Dark. (not shiny)



R!bz (noun)

  1. Ribs.

R!n (verb)

  1. To win.

R!z!zanz (noun)

  1. Resistance (ie Ragrabang R!z!zanz!)



Ra!n (noun)

  1. Rain.

Rarzrn (noun)

  1. Raisin


Raa (verb)

  1. To row.

Raag (adverb)

  1. Like.

Raabab (verb)

  1. Revive.


Rab (verb)

  1. To love.

Rabah (noun)

  1. Lover. Mah zambah rabah.

Rabaz (noun)

  1. Ruckus.

Rabaz (verb)

  1. To make a ruckus.

Rabazaman (noun)

  1. Revolution.

Rabbah (noun)

  1. Rabbi

Rabb! (noun)

  1. Rabbi.

Rabb!n!zm (noun)

  1. Rabbinism; the collective Rabbinic teachings and traditions.

Rabrarah (noun)

  1. Library.

Rabzar (noun)

  1. Lobster.



  1. An idle, ragged person (ragabash)

Ragargan (preposition)

  1. Regarding.

Ragg (noun)

  1. Leg.

Ragg-hanz (noun)

  1. Foot. (leg-hand)

Ragh (adjective)

  1. Correct.
  2. Right.

Ragz (noun)

  1. Clothes.


Rah nah (noun)

  1. Now.
  2. Right Now.
  3. Immediately.
  4. Today.

Rahz (verb)

  1. To rush.

Rahzrrragz-an (noun)

  1. Resurrection. Zambah G-zaz am Rahzrrragz-an!


Ram (noun)

  1. Ram.
  2. Lamb.
  3. Rum.

Ram (verb)

  1. To ram.
  2. To attack barricades.

Ramram (verb)

  1. To demolish.

Ramramz (noun)

  1. Demolition.

Ramambarh (verb)

  1. To remember.


Ran (verb)

  1. To go. Ran Gaazarz!

Ranbagz (noun)

  1. Mail.

Ranzag (verb)

  1. To ransack.


Rarazh (noun)

  1. Relish, (as in mint, sweet pickle, orange)

Rarn (verb)

  1. Learn. Harmanz nabar rarn.


Razagrang (noun)

  1. Recycling.

Raznaza (noun)

  1. Difference. (from Russian raznica)

Razz (noun)

  1. Tease

Razz!a (noun)

  1. Raid.


Rh!mzhab (noun)

  1. Rimjob

Rh!zzan (verb)

  1. To listen.

Rhabarb (noun)

  1. Rubarb


RNA (noun)

  1. Ribo-nucleic acid


Rra!nz (noun)

  1. Ruins.

Rrahrh (adverb)

  1. Very. Ahm rhahrh rrhnrrh.

Rrhnrrh (adjective)

  1. Lonely. Ahm rhahrh rrhnrrh.


Z (verb)

  1. To see.


Z!gzagg!ng (verb)

  1. Zigzagging

Z!gma (noun)

  1. Sigma, a letter of the Greek alphabet

Z!nam!n (noun)

  1. Cinnamon

Z!ng (verb)

  1. To sing.
  2. To make a cutting remark

Z!ng!ng (noun)

  1. Singing.
  2. Music.

Z!ngz (noun)

  1. Things.



Za- (prefix)

  1. Possessive prefix.


Za!b!n (adverb)

  1. Saving.
  2. Except.


Zaa (preposition)

  1. to (directional). Mah Barhah brangz zah zambahz zaa zah bazaar.

Zaagarh (noun)

  1. Seeker.

Zaan (adverb)

  1. Soon.

Zaarh (noun)

  1. Soul. (na ganna bang-bang mah Zaarh - 'My soul can't be destroyed')


Zabaga (noun)

  1. Dog. (from Russian sobaka)


Zagzaz (noun)

  1. Success

Zagzazbah (adjective)

  1. Successful


Zah (article)

  1. The. Hammar zah barragaz!
  2. That.
  1. So.
  1. To say. G-zaz zah -- am mah gargazz.
  2. To see. ah zah nah harmanz!

Zahah (interjection)

  1. Uh-huh.

Zahmarrah (noun)

  1. Tomorrow.

Zahnz (verb)

  1. To dance.

Zahnz!n (adjective)

  1. Dancing.

Zahrh (noun)

  1. Tour.

Zahz (verb)

  1. To say. Zambah zahz nah.

Zahzgaarh (adverb)

  1. There.


Zam (pronoun)

  1. Them. Grab zam, anh brang zam haarh!
  2. They.
  3. It.

Zam (noun)

  1. Zombie.

Zamarrah (noun)

  1. Tomorrow.

ZaMarzan (noun)

  1. Maltonite.

Zambarg! (noun)

  1. Government of zombies.

Zambah-bazhann (adjective)

  1. Racist. (zombie-bashing)

Zambrara (noun)

  1. Hat. (sombrero)

Zamgamz (adverb)

  1. Sometimes.


  1. kiZombie language. (may refer to Death Rattle linguistics in general)


  1. Samhain

Zamm (adjective)

  1. Some.

Zamrhm (noun)

  1. Poetry.


Zang (noun)

  1. Song.

Zangrh!ah (noun)

  1. Sangria


Zarang (verb)

  1. To sort. Zarang Zambrara -- Sorting Hat.

Zargar (noun)

  1. Zerger.

Zarman (noun)

  1. Sermon.

Zarzarah (noun)

  1. Philosopher.
  2. Sorcerer.


Zazzab (interjection)

  1. What's up?

Zazzahz (noun)

  1. Sisters.

Zazzazh (noun)

  1. Sausage.
  2. Male reproductive organ.
  3. Intestines.


Zbaan (noun)

  1. Spoon.

Zbah (noun)

  1. Spy.

Zbam (noun)

  1. Spam.

Zbazhaha (adverb)

  1. Especially.


Zg!n (noun)

  1. Skin.
  2. Fleece.

Zg!zz (noun)

  1. Skills.

Zgaarah (adjective)

  1. Scary.

Zgaarh (noun)

  1. Place.

Zgabah (adjective)

  1. Stupid.
  2. Foolish.
  3. Dumb.

Zgabzhaz (noun)

  1. Sculpture.
  2. Monument.

Zgraarh (noun)

  1. Scroll.

Zgrabga (verb)

  1. To write.


Zhaag (verb)

  1. To shake.

Zhaag (noun)

  1. Shade. (am hangan Zhaag - 'The Shade looms')

Zhaar (verb)

  1. To share.

Zhaarzh (noun)

  1. Church.

Zhaaz (verb)

  1. To show.

Zhabbang (noun)

  1. Shopping.

Zhabbang (verb)

  1. Assault on a mall.

Zhabz (noun)

  1. Ship.

Zhag (noun)

  1. Long hair
  2. The act of sex

Zhaman (noun)

  1. Shaman

Zhaman!zm (noun)

  1. Shamanism

Zhamb (verb)

  1. To jump.

Zhangha!!ng (verb)

  1. Shanghaiing; kidnapping or usurping

Zhanna (adjective)

  1. Shiny.
  2. Bright.

Zhanra (adverb)

  1. Gently.

Zhanz (noun)

  1. Chance. (Hhan mah Zhanz haz manna bang-bangz - 'when Chance bludgeons me greatly')

Zharam (noun)

  1. Serum.

Zharazahra (noun)

  1. Territory.

Zhazna-gab (adverb)

  1. Really. (from Russian chestno, 'honestly' and gab-- 'to speak honestly')

Zh!m Baam (noun)

  1. Bourbon. (cf. Jim Beam)

Zh!na (noun)

  1. Dish.
  2. Ceramics.
  3. China.

Zh!zh-gabab (noun)

  1. Shish-kebab


Zmagma (noun)

  1. Smegma

Zmargazbarg (noun)

  1. Smorgasbord.

Zmargh (noun)

  1. An alternate name for k!Zambah.
  2. Smart.

Zmarm (noun)

  1. Smarm

Zmazh (verb)

  1. To smash.


Znaagah (adjective)

  1. Sneaky.

Znag (noun)

  1. Snow. (from Russian sneg)
  2. Snag.

Znah (noun)

  1. Snow.


Zzzz (verb)

  1. To sleep.
  2. To sway.

Zzzzargh (noun)

  1. Nightmare.

Zzzzhhhhhhh (verb)

  1. Quiet. Used in the imperative, like "Shhhh!!!!"

Zzzz-gab (noun)

  1. Dream.

Proper Nouns


Abraham, Abram

  1. Founding patriarch of the Israelites


  1. The musical group Abba.

Abzarb zaAmharmanz

  1. Elixir of Life.


  1. Captain of the Pequod

Am!r! Bananaman

  1. Emily Dickinson.

Amarrah Ragazzah

  1. Emeril Lagasse.


  1. Anansi, an African trickster god


  1. A female given name

ANA-HAARga Baaggrabz Gang

  1. The Quartly Study Group.

Anrah Aggazah

  1. An American tennis player


  1. Hank Azaria


  1. Babar, king of the elephants

Baraz Hargan (noun)

  1. Heiress to the Hotel Fortunes.


  1. Barbara.


  1. Voldemort.

Barbrah Ahn

  1. Barbara Ann.


  1. A famous composer

Bra!nman Znaab

  1. Professor Snape.

Gha!n Aazgan

  1. Jane Austen.

Grab an Barg

  1. Gryffindor.

Graga Mahah

  1. Draco Malfoy.


  1. Jesus.


  1. Yuri Gagarin

Hab an Bab

  1. Hufflepuff.


  1. Handmaiden of Abraham
  2. Sammy Hagar, rock musician
  3. Hagar the horrible, cartoon viking


  1. The Hokey-Pokey.


  1. Hanna-Barbera animation studios

Harrah Bahbra!nz

  1. Harry Potter.

MG Hammar

  1. MC Hammer.

Nagaraz Brahma

  1. Nicholas Flamel.

Rab an Grarh

  1. Ravenclaw.


  1. Superman.

Zarzarahz Gam

  1. Philosopher's Stone.
  2. Sorcerer's Stone.


  1. Scrabble.


  1. The singer Cher.

Zhaarzh zaRahzrrragz-an

  1. The Church of the Resurrection


  1. Slytherin.


In Malton

Arr Arrgam

  1. Old Arkham


  1. Buttonville


  1. Barrville


  1. Brooksville

Braghmarh / Braghmarr

  1. Blackmore

Ghargar Mahh

  1. Caiger Mall.

Gragg Haagz

  1. Grigg Heights

Nah Arrgam

  1. New Arkham

R!gh H!hhz

  1. Wyke Hills


  1. Yagoton


  1. Reganbank


  1. Ridleybank

Razh Grahzaagh

  1. West Grayside


  1. Shearbank

Zharh H!hhz

  1. Shore Hills


  1. Eastonwood.



  1. America


  1. Arabia


  1. Armenia


  1. Azkaban.


  1. The Bahamas.


  1. Basra, Iraq


  1. Birmingham

Braaghbagh Maangan

  1. Brokeback Mountain.


  1. Belgium


  1. Gambia


  1. Ghana


  1. Havana, Cuba


  1. Mizar


  1. Namibia


  1. Niagara Falls, New York


  1. Zanzibar.


Marrh Zahrh

  1. Mall Tour.


  1. Ragnarok.
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