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Steven Lyman
Starting Occupation: Military
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Stay alive and keep Dunell Hills safe.
Username: StevenLyman
More details: Urban Dead profile


Dhpd.jpg DHPD
This user is a DHPD officer.
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Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.
Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Player
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Basic Info

  • Arrived in the City: 30 July 2006
  • Current Status: Alive
  • # of Deaths: 5


30 July 2006: Air-dropped into Dunell Hills to recon zed numbers. Quickly realized the futility of escaping Malton and ended up staying the night in an unfortified warehouse. Barely survives the night.

31 July 2006: Moves to Caiger Mall and learns of the exploits of the DHPD in the mall's defense at the The Battle Over Caiger Mall. Returns to Dunell Hills and joins the DHPD.

1 August 2006: Joins the Yea Drive Precinct.

21 August 2006: Levels up, picking up diagnosis. Working on becoming a full-fledged field medic.

20 November 2009: I spent a long time dead, and cold. I don't want to be cold anymore.


  • Keep Dunell Hills Safe.
  • Provide medical support for the Yea Drive Precinct
  • Provide timely intelligence updates to commanders on Yea Drive and vicinty.
  • Keep everyone living (including himself).
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