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Stickman's New Group: The Headbangers of Malton


Upon awakening in this dead city, it quickly became apparent to Stickman that Malton was bereft of Metal. With his trusty Gwenyth strapped to his back he realized it was time to bring Metal back to the radios of this dead city. Read more here The Headbangers of Malton.

Limited Time Offer!!

As H.o.M. is a fairly new group to Urban Dead, we are quite small. In order to help generate interest, I'm making a limited time offer to potential recruits who are on the fence about joining.

In order to be eligible for this program, the recruit would have to be a veteran of the game who has at least one character who is level 25 or over. Ideally, this person would want to join but doesn't feel he/she has the time to develop a new character.

Well thanks to Kevan's recent updates to the functionality of the game, character trading is now an option. I've developed a number of characters up to level 15 with 200+ spare XP (to be used for Lurching Gait and Ankle Grab upon next death) and I'm willing to trade these characters in return for service to the Headbangers of Malton. These characters are well developed as survivors with matching skillsets that include:

- Advanced Pistol & Shotgun Training - Free Running - NT Lab Experience - First Aid - Diagnosis - Bargain Hunting - Body Building - Construction

And more!! Also, your character comes fully stocked with a few syringes, DNA scanner, FAK's and a buttload of ammo!

The only caveat is that these characters must remain with the group and I would prefer to at least briefly talk with the prospective recruit.

I realize there is a chance some cockbag will simply take the character and run, but that's life and I'm all about promoting the group right now.

Ask around and see if anyone is interested!


Who is Stickman?

Yup, 2 years I've been playing this game and I've spilled my share of zed guts. But who is Stickman, really? Read the whole story here: The Story of Stickman

Here's What I Think of You

I really am so incredibly tired of people throwing around the term "trenchy". I've been called that more than a few times, and although it is irritating, it's mostly just monumentally stupid. I'm so very sorry that I didn't name my character "Rainbow Bright" and join a group with some equally ridiculous or nonsensical name. I like military role playing and I like the organization that goes along with it. To the naysayers, I say the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY is a very successful group that doesn't rely on dishonourable tactics to achieve its goals. If that makes me a trenchcoater, trenchy or whatever, then maybe you should have a look at the stats page cause there are a lot of similar groups out there. And what does that prove? That it's just a bloody game that many people play in different ways, so get over yourself you elitist prick.

Here is my official response to people who liken organized military style role-playing to "trenchcoating":


As a matter of fact, here's a new template just for the cheeseballs out there who are so bloated with self importance that they think you have to give your character some goofy name and description to be allowed to play.

Fuckoff1ac3.jpg It's Just a Game, Douche-Bag
This User Is Sick Of The Word "Trenchcoater" and The Attitude That It Represents

Vodka and Guns - A Winning Combination!

Guns & Booze.jpg

I remember, when this game was still new, the enthusiasm with which I would make all sorts of reports on zed activity and that sort of thing. Nowadays, it's just bad for business. If I can teach a newbie one thing, it's that there are eyes on every pixel of this wiki, so watch what you say.

In between bouts of Olympic-class drinking, I like to spend my time recovering and vomiting a lot. So, if you like chugging expensive vodka as much as I do, grab this gigantic template and slap it on your page. Why does it link back here? I dunno... I was probably drunk when I made it.

Guns & Booze.jpg Nothing Washes Away Zed Guts Like A Shot Of Belvedere
This User Supports Heavy Drinking.

This user's or group's powerlevel is…


The Stickmen

DH1.jpg David Haze
Status: Active

Location: Grigg Heights

Die Zombie!!.gif Mordac
Status: Active

Location: Shearbank

Classified-US-ARMYsm.jpg |Agent 13
Status: Active

Location: Classified

HoM.jpg Stickman
Status: Active

Location: Gulsonside

What's Happening?

Sept 18, 2007 Been a long time since I updated this shit. Now active in 4 groups, I'm all over Malton. The Headbangers of Malton are gaining momentum and quickly becoming a major player in Urban Dead. USAI is taking back the Northwest one suburb at a time, and I've got so much e-paperwork to do I've neglected my personal UDWiki page. For shame. Needless to say, things are going well. --Stickman 16:20, 18 September 2007 (BST)

Feb 21, 2007: Captain Mordac is now in command of Bravo Platoon. His first mission is to go to Shearbank and help the survivor population expel the hostiles. Not an easy task with 300+ zeds attacking the mall. Time to splatter some zeds!!

Jan 22, 2007: A lot has happened over the last 2 months. Captain Haze and Lieutenant Mordac have both been deeply involved in many fierce battles across Malton. From the retaking of Caiger Mall to the liberation of the medical facilities in Pegton, they have been on the front lines of major battles that have impacted the lives of survivors all over the city. As for Agent 13, well, his work is still classified. Suffice it to say he has been having a lot of fun.

Nov 27, 2006: In a battle that lasted many days, Mordac and the rest of Bravo Company are moving out, ready to face the next challenge. It was a long, hard battle, but the Lebende Tote fought with honour and tenacity. It was a great fight, and our respect goes out to the Lebende Tote.

Nov 13, 2006: It's been quite a long battle in two areas of Malton. With the fall of Caiger Mall, our short term objectives have changed. We've fought many battles over the last few weeks, assisting many groups in their fight for survival. Both Mordac and David Haze have received promotions for their efforts. Now part of the Command structure, Lieutenant Mordac now leads a fire team of 3 troops. 2nd Lieutenant David Haze is still deeply entrenched in the dark world of reconnaisance. It's just too bad that everything we do is so low profile. Discretion is the name of the game right now, and with that, little glory. But operations are going well and USAI continues to expand it's influence. As for Agent 13, he has no official affiliation with any group, yet it seems he is heavily involved in... something. But that's classified. Oh, that crazy Agent 13 and his classified antics.

Oct 3, 2006: David Haze decides to join the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY's Long Range Recon Patrol. As he prepares to meet up with the rest of his new team, he stops by Blesley Mall to greet to some old friends and stock up on supplies.

Sept 18, 2006: After receiving an offer from Johnny Lunchpail, Mordac decides to forgo the cyrogenic procedure and instead joins the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY's ranks. He awaits briefing on his next mission.

David Haze, growing restless at Blesley, considers Colonel Al's offer to help stabilize Scarletwood.

Sept 12, 2006: Blesley Mall is once again secure. The campaign to retake the mall and liberate Gulsonside was successful. Streets that once echoed with the wails of the hungry dead are now quiet as life returns to normal for the citizens of Gulsonside. The threat of destruction will always linger for those who reside in Malton, but as long as there are survivors willing to fight for their existence, we will carry on.

Mordac, seeing that the Gulsonside is once again safe, retires to the Necrotech Labs where he will undergo a *cryogenic preservation procedure. There he will sleep until the time comes when he must once again take up arms and fight alongside the heroes of Malton.

David Haze will remain in Blesley to help ensure the continued prosperity of Gulsonside.

To all those who were involved in this campaign: well done.

*Refer to my discussion page for details

Friends of Stickman



Enemies of Stickman

*Refer to my discussion page for details

Respected Opponents

  • The Lebende Tote - These German deadites may be rotten, but their gameplay is fresh and pure.
  • Lud Lum, leader of Lud Lum's Lesbians - Yeah, she's a PK-er, but she takes it in as well as she dishes it out. No hiding, no crying, she's up front about things.


Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.

Ah, this list is out of date. There are so few genuine nuisances anymore; even PK'ers are easily ignored when revives are just minutes away. Mostly there are noobs who don't take the time to learn the unwritten rules of the game and have no concept that there is an entire UD community out there. That said, I just can't bring myself to remove NeiltheScorpion's entry. He was one of my favourite targets.

  • The Scorpion Group - Crime: Believing that 4 characters is a threatening gang. You're about as scary as a rampaging toddler. Look Out! It's 4 People!

Stickman Supports:

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
RiverlogoS.gif Supporter of River Tactics
I flow into the void.
Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.
Rakista.jpg Music Is Life
This user or group is a Musician.

Die Zombie!!.gif Planting My Foot In Zed Ass Since July 2005
This User Really Digs Stickman's Template and/or Thinks Stickman Is Sexaaaay.

Guns & Booze.jpg Nothing Washes Away Zed Guts Like A Shot Of Belvedere
This User Supports Heavy Drinking.
Fuckoff1ac3.jpg It's Just a Game, Douche-Bag
This User Is Sick Of The Word "Trenchcoater" and The Attitude That It Represents

Stickman Makes Graphics

Aside from everything you see on this page, here are some examples of GFX I made for users on this wiki. Maybe if you like them I'll hook you up too.




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