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Hullo and welcome to my wiki page compatible with scratch and sniff monitors v2.03_14 and up!



  • RedRum
  • For a man caught in a zombie wasteland he acts surrealy calm. He notices you looking at him and slightly pulls down his sunglasses to reveal a pair of compound eyes.
  • Quite possibly the leader of the PKA
  • 200+ kills I'd guess.


  • Like some freakish version of the Mr. Potatohead toy he roams Malton searching for mischief. His monocle is heavily smudged with a red glowing eye behind it. If Snidely Whiplash were a spud, this is he. Cackling madly, he walks by.
  • Former Radio DJ

Carson Tarsat

  • Monroeville character.
  • He reads books to learn how to stack heavy things against walls.

Dr Scroty

  • ¯\(°_o)/¯
  • This zombie is wearing a pair of light blue scrubs. As he chases you, you can hear bottles of pharmaceuticals rattling around in his pockets.

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