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My main account is Stuape27
My noob account is Mercenary Stu
My latest addition is mlg

My oldest two characters have been part of major groups, major moments but are now just trying to stay alive and help out the youngsters.

Stuape27 is currently working around the Pitneybank area, mainly trying to get revives to the defenders and making sure cade plans are kept. After years trying to defend hot buildings, I thought it was time to protect the revive points.

Mercenary Stu is like Stuape27, was working around Caiger, but has moved to Ackland Mall since mlg needed to stock at caiger (being the closest)

mlg was training up, but upon hearing about the escape moved there in early may, when the group was only 18 big. He is now stocking up at caiger, but will be back to the station.

The other two may try and escape.

Escape glyph.png Escape
On June 1, we're going to break out of Malton. What will they do, shoot us?
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