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Subotei's Crotch

This user, Subotei's Crotch, has three characters: one survivor, one bounty hunter, and one zed. His main human, Timur Leng, is a member of The Saints. His zombie Subotei is a parishioner in the Church of the Resurrection. The newest addition to the happy little family is Burkhan, who is currently group-less. Subotei's Crotch currently runs the monthly Bounty Hunter Challenges. Also, this user is getting really sick of referring to himself as "this user".

Timur Leng

Timur Leng gets most of this user's attention. He is an older gentleman with a beard as white as Santa's coat would be if it was red instead of white. He typically attacks his foes while quoting from Mark Twain's "War Prayer" or while singing whatever song is stuck in his head at the moment. He smells like someone left a few dozen mostly-empty bottles of gin lying around for a few too many weeks.


Subotei is a Real, True Christian and a Proud, Christian American. And he will nahm nahm nahm you if you forget it! Sadly, the Church is no longer what it once was, and Subotei is currently more-or-less inactive.


"Burk" doesn't really do anything yet. He is still getting the skills necessary to be useful to a group.

The Crotch

The Crotch is a name used by this person in a few places across the internet. On Brainstock, he usually goes by Crotch of Tamerlane.

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