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I am currently in low activity mode, I will no longer be making significant group/map/wiki changes but will respond to messages left on my Talk Page. (March 2008)

My actual web site and more about me is here. UD related stuff below:

Wiki Contributions


Here are some icons that I have created and are are starting to appear across the Urban Dead Wiki. Feel free to go ahead and use any of these graphics to spruce up any wiki pages you want, I'd be flattered. If you want an icon or graphic that isn't in the gallery, let me know (via my Talk page) and I'll try and help out.

Wiki Pages

  • As part of "Project Pimp My Burb" for Santlerville, every building location in this suburb was brought up (from usually a stub or a mess) to a fully filled out, blocked and pimped location page, packed with graphics and lots of info.
  • Some buildings in Roftwood have also been given the "Pimp My Burb" treatment and I've also created the group pages for the Malton Medical Staff.

Wiki Sandbox

For large and complex wiki edits, I use my Sandbox to build and test the page before it goes live.


I had two in-game characters:

  • SunilonMASH (now in deep hiding, somewhere in Santlerville)
  • GreenWing (The once Head Administrator of the Malton Medical Staff, now retired and in hiding)
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