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A fire-fighter in the southeast corner of Malton, and commander of the RKKA.

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This user thinks that adding 1 AP to the revive cycle is pointless.

My Suggestions & Ideas

Machine Gun Emplacements

Effects: Using the item - while having the Construction skill and a toolbox - consumes both items and places the machine gun on the ground.
Encumbrance: 20%
Where found & search odds: Armories, 1% base, 2% powered. Perhaps a gun store in a western mall would also have similar search odds, so that they aren't cluttered in the SE.
Adjustments to other item's search rates for the places mentioned above: -.5% for clips and shells
Base damage per hit: 8, 7 to flak jacket
Base accuracy: 20%
Upgraded accuracy: 45% (with Basic Firearms Training)
Skills required: Construction (and a toolbox, which is consumed) for setup, none for use.

This weapon is not usable while in a player's inventory, but must be set up at a location in order to be used, much like a generator or radio transceiver. Setting up a machine costs a survivor 1 AP, removes any other machine gun in that block/building, and ejects any user of the removed MG for 0 AP. To be clear, there could only be one machine gun per block/building. The location's description would note that "A machine gun [manned by UserX, if applicable] with IntegerY rounds of ammunition has been set up here. It is [un]fueled." If a zombie is in the location, he or she only sees "A machine gun [manned by UserX] has been set up here," so that an empty gun might still have an intimidation factor.

Before being ready to fire, the gas-powered machine gun must be fueled by a survivor with a fuel can by clicking on a button to this effect. This, of course, consumes the fuel can and provides either 10 rounds or 6 hours of fuel, whichever comes first. The unmanned weapon may then be used by any survivor present by clicking a button labeled "Man the machine gun." Once manned, only that survivor may use the machine gun until he/she is ejected, killed, or abandons the gun.

Before being able to fire, the user must spend 1 AP to man the weapon - consider this the act of lying prone on the ground and ensuring the weapon is ready to fire. At that point, the weapon would appear as an option in that user's drop-down list of attack methods, much like any other firearm. While manning a machine gun, a survivor's only options are to attack with it (spending one round of ammo) or to abandon the machine gun, each of which costs 1 AP. Abandoning the gun does not destroy it, it is simply considered to be standing up, allowing other players to man the gun. If the gun has no ammunition left, no AP are consumed when fired - a message simply informs the user that "the machine gun clicks as you pull the trigger - it appears to be out of ammunition."

While the gun uses ammunition, this ammunition is exclusively pre-loaded into the weapon - it cannot be found anywhere in Malton. Thus, the only source of ammo is the 10 rounds every gun comes with.

As the weapon is quite unwieldy, a survivor cannot deal headshots with a machine gun - the skill is temporarily ignored.

A survivor manning a machine gun is very much a sitting duck - any successful attack against the gunner not only deals damage, but ejects him/her from manning the gun at no AP cost. Furthermore, the machine gun is more easily destroyed than a generator or a radio transmitter.

If my math is correct, the ten rounds would do an average of 13/11 damage without any training or 29/25 damage with basic firearms training. These numbers would make the MG good at attacking a flak jacketed target, generally superior to an advanced-training pistol, and somewhat better than shotguns with basic firearms training.

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