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A former military private, nicknamed Super by his squad members as a sarcasm to his poor aim. SuperMario was dropped into Malton in the 24th Squad's paradrop, thus he became known as SuperMario24. After a hard fight on the ground, Mario lost track of his squad and all of his weapons, except for a revolver he had kept as a memento of his Grandfather back in the war. After honing his fighting abilities on the plentiful zombies, SuperMario24 heard about a group named The Sun Organization in Brooke Hills. He had just come from Shuttlebank and considered it a good way to keep in contact with more survivors. Thus began his work in the Sun Organization. Over time, he learned how to operate a Necrotech building and fully utilize a first-aid kit, thus he was able to keep his fellow survivors alive.SuperMario24 has tried to keep Brooke Hills "Zed" free and good for all survivors since the day he joined TSO. He has met many cool and honorable people in his attempts, as well as some unsavory types. His goals have know changed from finding his squad and getting out, to keeping the Sun Organization running and Brooke Hills safe.

The Sun Organization's Wiki Wanderer and leader of the Dokutorus, the NT and medical division of the Sun Organization.


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This user likes to get outside and do some camping every once in a while.
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