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Ibrahim Wassi

Ibrahim enjoying one of Malton's fine parks.

Level: 25
Class: Zombie
Group: Feral Undead
UDID: 926865
Current Status: Alive
Current Theatre of Operations: Heytown
Themesong: "Big Balls" - AC/DC
Signature: --Ibrahim Wassi (mrh? graaaah! zambahz)

Physical Description

Height: 5'4""
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Colour: yellow-brown
Sunken yellow eyes, hungry for living flesh stare lifelessly. In life, the zed would have been an attractive man of arabic origin. Missing lips give the undead a permanent rictus grin.


Dawn dead.gif Salt The Land
Ibrahim Wassi supports the Salt the Land policy.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This user supports the
Scorched Earth Policy.
Malton Domination
This user or group supports Extinction and its plan for Malton Domination.
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