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Michael O'Hallorhan

Mike gettin' ready to bash some skulls.

Level: 36
Class: Civilian
Group: HARD
UDID: 926833
Current Status: Alive
Current Theatre of Operations: Hollomstown
Themesong: "I Stand Alone" - Godsmack
Signature: --Michael O'Hallorhan (Talk Contribs HARD)

Physical Description

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 275lbs
Eye Colour: green
Curly orange-red hair and powerful shoulders are the first thing you notice on seeing this man. The next is a cheerful smile and a blood-stained fire axe slung over his shoulder.


Formerly a member of the Malton City Fire Department, after the outbreak of zombies, Mike made his way to Danversbank and helped out the Danversbank Relief and Reconstruction Project team for a bit, before leaving to help the fledgling Hollomstown Area Regional Defense get on it's feet.

An amicable and humorous Irishman, Mike enjoys sitting back with a brew, polishing his axe and rescuing those in need of assistance. An amateur carpenter before the disaster, he is adept at building barricades. From his training as a firefighter, he's also adept at first aid and the use of the large fire axe he carries.

Hollomstown Operations

15.7.2007 -- 21.7.2007

Michael, after seeing long revive queues has started taking a NecroTech corresponance course in his off-hours. He passed his first level examinations on the 19th, having learned how to safely operate DNA extractors. Study in revivification tools is currently underway.

Mike has also taken up semi-permanent residence near Theophan General Hospital in an attempt to clear the hospital of its' zombie infestation and make it once again safe for survivors.

TGH has, over the past few days, bounced back and forth between survivor and zombie hands. Michael fell in combat defending it once, but a quick revive from a passing NecroTech employee made sure he didn't stay dead. To the rousing strains of Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song", Mike made his way back to the area surrounding Theophan, only to later realize that he was infected by a zombie bite. Deciding that rest was the best medicine at this point, with the local hospital still overrun by zombies, he bunkered down, and rested, waiting for a medic.

22.7.2007 -- 28.7.2007

After a quick patch-up by Paddy Dignam, Mike spent some time lowering the zombie population in Theophan.

After some discussion with Hollomstown Area Regional Defense members, a decision was made to focus on the tactically signifcant eastern Hollomstown area, and shift defensive priorities towards Gall General Hospital and The Porter Building, both valuable TRPs and within close proximity to each other and the local revive point at the cemetary.

29.7.2007 -- 4.8.2007

Over the next few days, Michael fought and deanimated many of the walking dead, finished his NecroTech correspondance course and recieved basic firearms training from other members of HARD.

5.8.2007 -- 11.8.2007

Mike spent some time dead, spent some time healing, and then finally decided to take a vacation over near Buckley Mall to get some much needed R&R. And beer.

On his way home, he spent some time lowering the zombie population in Wyke Hills.

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Michael O'Hallorhan has revived 6 people.
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Hollomstown Defender
This user is defending The Porter Building from zombies. He's pretty good at it too..
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This user's weapon of choice is his fire axe.
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Michael O'Hallorhan is currently not nearly as inebriated as he'd like
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Michael O'Hallorhan likes to get HARD.
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I stand against.
DRRPsmall.jpg Danversbank Relief and Reconstruction Project
Michael O'Hallorhan likes to get drunk with the DRRP.
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