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A twenty-three year old fireman. Used to live in Goodson towers and was a fireman at the nearby FD. He was one of the first to witness the living dead, after the things came shambling out of a burning warehouse, and ate several of his team-members. After that, he grabbed what he could from the firetruck his team was using and darted off north, towards Pashenton. He found a relatively safe haven in Dungey Alley police department, untill the building came under siege by the local zombies and he turned out to be one of the only ones left. After beeing assaulted by yet another zombie, he heard of a group in the southern part of Malton, namely in Lockettside. Sylvos was quite fed up with the constant attacks and emotionally exhausted since he had to put bullets into the heads of several of his former friends who had decided he would make a tasty treat. After a long journey across Malton, and witnessing many horrors (especially when he was crossing Ridleybank, there were more survivors there then there are now but they were not doing well) He reached Lockettside and decided to join the Tompson Mall Irregulars.

After a short while, a new group appeared in Lockettside, namely inside Frossard Place PD. They called themselves the 'Sards and they happened to be on his patrol route, so he dropped by often.

Currently, you can find him inside the PD most of the time. He claims it's the wild parties they throw that keep him there, though there are rumors he is romantically involved with one of the 'Sards , an army medic that goes by the name of Aislinn Hanrahan. When asked, Sylvos usually neither confirms or denies these claims.

Proud member of the Malton Confederacy. [1]