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Forum Persona

The elusive Jackal plays and frolics and if you're lucky you can catch a glimpse.

Although usually polite, Tabaqui (who is known to accept being called "Tabs") can occasionally get a bit snippish when someone is being an idiot. Tabs is recognizeable for usually having something relating to the Beatles or werewolves in either their avatar or signature space. Odd sense of humor. May occasionally do something with pictures or writing of some sort. Generally just likes to have fun.

Seriously wishes they had a Paypal account, but will grin and bear the 160-hit limit, as all three characters are well kept from interacting with each other.



  • Profile
  • Status: Zombie seeking revive
  • Level: 30
  • Referred to as: Accidental Continual Zombie
  • Quote: "I could not love thee, dear, so much, loved I not honor more."
"The Masque of the Red Death"

A girl with a bad temper (you would have one too if you were named after your father), Altus is usually human, and fairly handy with a fire axe. She used to chop a lot of wood back at her house as a young'n, you know, and apparently zombie limbs are quite a bit easier to lop off than thick branches. A somewhat creative person, Altus has designed her gear for comfort and trademark as well as protection. It is her hope that when she becomes a force to be reckoned with, the death's-head mask and flashy red clothing will signal imminent destruction to any zombie foolish enough to still be hanging around. For now, though, she survives as best as she can, how she can, and where she can. And if life is good, you may hear her read poetry.

Altus is not a spy for either side, even though she may have both human and zombie skills. Although it is preferable to be alive, she acts like what she happens to be at the time and will pick her skills based on what is available to her at the time the 100 xp are gained. She is the most straightforwardly-played of the three and--coincidentally--the slowest of them to level up...

J Len

  • Profile
  • Status: Grabbing last few human skills before becoming maxed zombie
  • Level: 35
  • Referred to as: Zombie Proper; Boy
  • Quote: "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the brains you eat."
"I Am The Walrus"

Contrary to popular belief, John Lennon was not cremated. In fact, he wasn't ever even buried. His body was taken to Malton by a mad scientist who for years tried to extract that special thing that made the Beatles work so well together. Instead, his efforts failed, and Lennon lay locked up somewhere where he was fairly well preserved over the years. Recently, something happened in Malton and the dead began to rise. With a groan and a rattling breath, John stood up and began continuing his previous attempts of bringing peace and equality to all things on earth... of course, nobody can blame him if his new, zombified version of "peace and equality" is showing every last human the happy glory of being part of the legion of undead. He occasionally sings tunes from his glory days as a musician during battle.

J Len is first and foremost a zombie. However, he will be picking up a few human skills that are deemed necessary to function better. Now part of the RRF. He also will chow down on other zombies if desperate for that last bit of XP in a crowd of headshotters, but does prefer human targets. Oftentimes, when in a crowd, takes to saying bizarre things as a zombie or preaching his zombie beliefs after being revived.


  • Profile
  • Status: Human
  • Level: 24
  • Referred to as: Meatbag
  • Quote: "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."
"Ongoing Controversy: IS Paul Dead?"

Someone who looks distinctly like the ex-musician has been ambling around Malton, having fun and really not making any sort of major fuss. But how can it be the real guy? Not only is he too young these days, there is a distinct lack of a space between his first and last name. Rumor has it someone's gone and cloned the actual guy, but we'll probably never really know for sure. In any case, this Paul seems to have adopted one of his more carefree looks from the past and occasionally has the tugging, nagging notion that somewhere in the crowded, bloodsoaked streets of the city, is his Abbey Road. But he'll get there later. For now he's got stuff to do.

Paul is the most interesting and bizarrely-played of all the characters. He takes his XP where he gets it and uses it on whatever looks good at the time, at however simple a pace. His actions are generally unpredictable and nobody can really be sure what the devil he's up to.

J Len's Pound of Flesh

Club Concert Cancelled

J Len sang his song of peace and zombie brotherhood at Whetcombe Park upon his arrival for the strikers to enjoy.


If harmanz and zambahz got together and walked around in giant plastic bags, we would have to get to know each other by our personalities and interests instead of who's got the higher level of rotting or who has more ammo or whatever. THEN, because harmanz can't stay alive in an enclosed plastic bag for long, they'd become zambahz, and hey, peace everywhere for everyone.

Acorn Theory

Give zombie killers a pair of acorns and groan at them to "BRAN GA ZAAGZ !N ZAH GRAAN." That way, when they're all busy tending to their new, pretty little oak trees, you can dedicate your efforts to smashing down every last one of those damn barricades.


More as news warrants.

Leave Your Message At The Tone

Comment: William-Campbell wannabe? The real Paul McCartney is dead, dammit! and you are stealing his name!

Oh, hey, so THAT's who got the one without the space. But shh. If you don't tell them I'm Billy Shears, I won't. >.> -- Tabby
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