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50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
60 Finnerty Auto Repair Jarrett Towers a factory wasteland a warehouse Carye Drive Dugan Way the Geake Building Batting Way Chalderwood Bank 60
61 Calvert Grove Railway Station Wilcox Crescent Lunn Lane a junkyard Pardoe Grove Lucy Cinema Club Skardon Ashcroft Library Doben Square The Keane Museum 61
62 The Rayfield Building wasteland Milne Library Club Vicary Rush Way Lewington Street Sletery Row Doman Park Hemore Auto Repair Burnley Way 62
63 a junkyard The Stanbury Monument Club Cummings Potter Park The Baskcomb Museum Grey Library Oliver Alley Dimond Lane School Denty Walk wasteland 63
64 The Elcomb Building Grizel Plaza Rodgers Boulevard Dinsdale Auto Repair Swithun General Hospital The Williames Building Hickey Square Brocbury Alley Bengefield Towers Elliot Alley 64
65 The Walter Building Passco Avenue School Copp Avenue The Dodd Monument Dempsey Lane Fire Station The Horsey Museum Harkness Auto Repair a factory Heath Drive The Bowle Museum 65
66 a factory Doig Road Fire Station Brickenden Grove Langmead Way Clarkson Lane Fire Station The Raymond Building Maybee Cinema The Duggan Building Carder Row School The Rickard Building 66
67 a carpark Broadbery Square Clark Row Railway Station Luckwell Plaza Police Dept wasteland Swaffield Plaza The Attle Building Nash Alley Gilles Drive a warehouse 67
68 Parris Square Whittle Street Railway Station Club Goodenough Henstridge Avenue Empson Alley The Charlesworth Hotel Raggett Plaza St. Anselm's Church Plumley Alley The Willcox Motel 68
69 Snelgrove Walk St. Helier's Church Sweatman Walk Police Department Gazzard Way a junkyard Macaulay Cinema Terrell Cinema a cemetery Carder Row School Dedeystere Square 69
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59