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Here is the evidence gathered for use for the case against Goolina

These are the three alts of Goolina:


Zambah Chicken

Gore Girl

May 7th

Zambah Chicken at Blackmore NT

Goolina at Nichols Mall

May 12th

Zambah Chicken at Forse Walk School]

Goolina lying outside Blackmore

14th of May:

Zambah Chicken defending Nichols Mall

16th of May:

Zambah Chicken at Nichols Mall

Zambah Chicken in a warehouse (57, 54)

18th of May:

Goolina in Blackmore

Zambah Chicken in a warehouse (57, 54):

This shows that she was using her alts together and if you choose not to believe that you cannot dispute the fact that all of these locations are within about 10 ap of eachother.

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