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Quick Stats

NAME: Tesch
AGE: 20
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 130lbs
EMPLOYMENT: Unemployed (some military training)


While she does not look intimidating, she does not appear exceptionally weak, either. Tesch has an athletic build: slender and toned, with broad shoulders and larger hands and feet than most women.

Due to her short hair and athletic build, she is often mistaken for a teenage boy in the dark or from a distance. Up close, however, there is an unmistakable feminine quality about her. Her disheveled hair is dirty blonde in color, and her eyes are a warm, deep brown.

An off duty military recruit with no combat experience, she is often seen in street clothes and has a somewhat bohemian fashion sense. She is more likely to dress practically than in something attractive. She is invariably clothed in something that will make it easier for her to move or climb, and protect her from the elements.

Nervous but not too defensive, she is initially polite with most people. She has a sarcastic sense of humor and genuinely appreciates levity, as it makes it easier for her to cope with her circumstances. When speaking, she can be blunt and is prone to vulgarity, but has otherwise sophisticated speech for someone who hasn't entered college.

Though she is generally warm and polite, she is wary and distrusting, especially of men who are loaded down with weapons and have an aggressive attitude. Despite being nervous and cynical, she is manipulated fairly easily, a trait that will inevitably lead to her downfall.


When Tesch graduated high school but announced no intention of going to college or beginning a career, her parents pressured her to join the military. They felt that the army would protect her and give her direction in life, as well as allow her to travel. While she was in basic training, her parents relocated to an unknown suburb in Malton.

After completing basic training, Tesch left her base to visit her parents in Malton, only to find herself completely lost in the battlefield of a city. She hid herself and operated alone for several days before joining the Olney Militia in North Blythville.

It still remains a mystery why Tesch chose to join the suburb's residents in their fight to protect their homes and families. She is not known to speak of her parents, with whom she has yet to be reunited.