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About me

Native to the suburb of Roftwood and is a member of the Malton Medical Staff and the Roftwood Coordination Center.

I spend my time protecting the west side of Roftwood from the RRF that roam in Ridleybank. I update the danger reports of the buildings in the Southwestern quadrant as well as in other parts of Roftwood.

The Southwestern Roftwood Bastion - -SWRB

I am the creator of the Southwestern Roftwood Bastion which is a defensive, strategic collection of buildings in the southwest of Roftwood that I regularly barricade and defend which survivors can find refuge in. SWRB includes 3 office buildings which are The Amis Building, The Sage Building, The Dafforn Building and the police station the Mayo Row Police Department.


RCC Logo1.jpg Roftwood Coordination Center
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